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  1. Mac Retrospect v14.6.1 I'd like to do a simple move of a media set to a larger drive but I can't find any instructions on how to do this. Is it possible or do I just have to start all over with a new media set on the larger hard drive? thanks.
  2. Having html wouldn't make any real difference - it's more a personal preference. I'm not sure it is an error though - the manual even includes a screenshot/illustration of the html output.
  3. "What's New" and the manual indicate that emails includes html content for the log file. I don't seem to be able to make this work and am only receiving plain text. It isn't a big issue but I'd like to fix this. I checked my email setup and also tried different sending accounts but all with the same result. I couldn't find any place to define my email formatting preference for outbound mail. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? I suspect the issue is not with R12 and is probably an email setup configuration matter. Thanks.
  4. mdgarnett

    Will Professional backup clients on a domain?

    Thanks. I have disabled all firewalls and made certain the right port is open so I think the problem relates to domain security. All I wanted to confirm at this point is that Retrospect Professional should work in this network configuration before I invest in digging through the details. (but that is something I needed to do eventually anyway).
  5. mdgarnett

    Will Professional backup clients on a domain?

    I've got 4 clients. Retrospect Pro is running on a Vista machine backing up to drives on the SBS2008 server. Local machine on which Retro is running works fine (duh - it doesn't need to locate the clients). I've tried adding clients by IP and multicast with no luck. I'm able to see the client machines through Explorer. I can ping them. I can map drives, etc. I'm not aware of any system level issues except with Retrospect finding the clients. Does this info provide any clues? thanks.
  6. I've been using Retrospect Pro successfully for several years. Since adding SBS2008 and moving from a workgroup to a domain configuration however, I am no longer able to see any clients. I I've checked all the firewall and permissions possibilities so I'm wondering if this by design, ie do I have to upgrade to a server version of Retrospect now? Any help/insight would be appreciated.