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  1. Hi, my Exchange backup ends since this week with the following error: - Trouble reading files, error -519 ( network communication failed) the other volumes of this server were backed up fine. Only the information store backup ends after 537 MB from 75 GB with the described message. This what i've done: - first time: restart of information store and retrospect client - next day: server reboot - yesterday: client update of retrospect remote agent an server rebooted same issue! more information: a differential backup of the information store runs fine!? Thanks for help!
  2. Thanks for your answer... Checkdisk could'nt find an error. Some more ideas?
  3. Hi, i have the following problem: we have a b2d2t-strategy and backup the first day a complete backup to disk, and the rest of the week incremental. The next week we transfer the backup to tape. If i look at the b2t-backup set there is only one snapshot of each server. Why the transfer dont work? Thanks!
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    Retrospect dont transfer all snapshots

    Hi, if you go to: Tools - Transfer Backup Sets ...and then ist there an option named like this...
  5. orangebud1

    Retrospect dont transfer all snapshots

    We transfer our backup-sets with the following options: - Copy Snapshots the option that you mean: "All active snapshots for each source" exists only when i use "transfer snapshots", yes i mean snapshots but not this feature directly
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    Retrospect dont transfer all snapshots

    Hi, the Version of our Retrospect: Our Backup-Strategy: The B2D: Sa - complete backup Su - Fr incremental Backups The B2T: the next Mo - transfer the B2D-Backup-Set to a B2T-Backup-Set What dont work: When i want to restore something the backup-set only displays one Snaphot, the incremental Backups are missing. What i expect: The backup-set should show me all Snapshots? Thanks!
  7. orangebud1

    Retrospect dont transfer all snapshots

    Thank your for response... We transfer our backups by "transfer backup sets" with skripts, there isnt this option.
  8. Hello, we have a B2D2T-Strategy which normally backup 500 GB from different server. On monday we transfer the B2D to Tapes and after this we recycle the source backup. The Strategy worked fine for months. But the last three month the backup transfers only 100-120 GB and it finish without any error or warning in the logs. We use Retrospect Have anyone an idea?
  9. We're getting this message on three Windows Servers 2k3 running either Retrospect 7.0 or 7.5. The Servers are'nt rebooted and there's no information in the Serverlogs. Has anyone an idea?