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  1. Am seeing a "can't use open file backup option for local disk (c:) on client, error -1017 insufficient permissions" error. Server is 2008 Standard client is XP pro SP3 running IIS
  2. RB

    Old script ran

    Retrospect 7.6.123 runing a Windows 2008 Standard Server
  3. How can a script I created a year ago suddenly start after it was forgotten or removed or deleted and is not in the list of (valid) scripts? Can a script exist in a directory (somewhere?) even though it isn't listed? Where would the script directory be? Thanks
  4. Yes. the retroclient.log file since we used the /log 9 command to start the client logging.
  5. We have enabled a client /log 9 but don't know where the log file is saved. Thanks
  6. Didn't think uninstalling/re-installing was a good choice, so we did the netstat which showed the retroclient listening on port 497 multiple times. Initially, I took Andrew's advice and turned off all the startup programs via msconfig and before that I disabled the firewall at both the client and the server (Keith). The msconfig suggestion seemed to allow the client to connect again, and so I thought it was our third party virus protection problem, but instead of be satisfied with it being a problem of ours, did the netstat which showed the retroclient listening on port 497 multiple times. After restarting the retrospect client service, a separate netstat shows only one instance of the retrospect client on port 497, and this test true on several machines which can now connect. Doesn't it seem like the listener can't automatically clean up, which causes the software's inability to distinguish which listening port to use?
  7. Can't access backup clientXXXXX, error -541 (backup client not installed or not running) Right -541 not -491.
  8. Retrospect 7.6.123--Windows Server 2k8 Standard with XP client. We were concerned about the -491 error (client not found) happening after a period of time and instead of uninstalling/re-installing, we did a netstat which showed the retroclient listening on port 497 multiple times. Refreshing the client confirms the client doesn't connect. After restarting the client retrospect service, we then only see one instance of the listener, with a server refresh connecting now. What will you do about this?
  9. RB


    Thanks for the response. It seems the amount of variables are many. Data structure mixes database and file, Hardware, software, etc. Interesting you do the calculating as a verification. Time divided by size. Thanks again-
  10. Why when doing a disk to tape Snapshot Transfer, does the speed flux between 1600 Mb/min and 400 Mb/min? Thanks-
  11. RB

    MAPI and IPv6

    Yes. By turning off IP/v6 on our Exchange server we now see the mailboxes.
  12. I did what the support person suggested and it still doesn't work. This is very frustrating.
  13. We had this working fine for our old Exchange 2003, but since upgrading to Exchange 2007, the mailboxes are not being seen. I have given the RBU permissions off the chart, followed the Exchange 2007 requirement doc to the letter, but still am not seeing any mailboxes. Am wondering if the license I had which worked for the 2003 version is the one which should work for 2007 or if anyone can help with any other information. This has been over a month of troubleshooting.
  14. Uninstall and re-intall on a production Exchange 2007 server? Was this a template install of Exchange or did Exchange have custom settings? I have followed the Exchange 2007 (Retrospect) doc to the letter, given the RBU privledges off the charts, and checked off every other requirement. Leaving out this MAPI/C++ redistributed uninstall and re-install, I believe I have done everything required. Anyone who would like to WebEx in and uninstall these are welcome to try it. Our Exchange Admin doesn't want to, and I don't blame him. Also open to any other possiblilities/Help.