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    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    It's june ... the last update for Windows Retrospect was in december 2008. It seems there are no news about a release who solved 2008 and Vista problems ... These are things who makes me think to go on the market to find another product to sell to my customers... what else can I do ? Matteo
  2. alturas

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Having similar issue ... I agree. Matteo
  3. Same problem in two installations, both with Windows 2008 x64. All is ok if you leave Retrospect application active. If you close no scheduled scripts runs, no Icon is shown in the bar ... and nothing works .... When will be released a patch for this ? I'm waiting since december 2008 ... frustrating ... The only support I receive from emcinsignia.com was this "At this point you may want to try re-install Retrospect" ... but I don't believe it's an installation problem.
  4. alturas

    Problems backing up SQL databases

    Problem solved. http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9703&r=0.5313227
  5. alturas

    Problems backing up SQL databases

    Hello... I don't understand ... I do all what you write ... but still having problem, authentication problem, when I try to add SQL Server as Source. It's correctly licensed Retrospect 7.6 is running on a windows server 2008 enterprise 64 bit, Sql2008 is running on another server, same operating system. I create RBUser member of the groups you write, setting retrospect to run with this credential ... no way. Then I try to add RBUser to Enterprise Admins... no way. Then I modify the SQL Agent service to run as RBUser ... no way, always authentication error. If I login to the sql server with the RBUser credential i'm able to connect to sql and to run management studio etc. ... but from retrospect always authentication problem .... any idea ?
  6. alturas

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Hello, I have the same problem plus the icon is not show in the toolbar when I close Retrospect. Windows is 2008 server 64 bit and retrospect is 7.6 with all the updates...