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  1. dear, yes mapi installed.
  2. resolves this issue by installing MAPI for Exchange 2007, but now I have the next: T-2: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: Creating new MAPI session. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: ConfigureMsgService(MBNODO1,=RBU) returned 0x80040115. T-2: TMapiConnection::TMapiConnection: Unable to use profile, win error 0x80040115 T-2: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: couldn't intialize mailboxes due to a prior error. Código de error de Retrospect error -3408 (desconocido) Registrado por la función mbttkTestLogin Error de red: Exchange no responde y puede ser necesario reiniciar el sistema. thanks for your help
  3. Dear, I have the following scenario - EMC Retrospect Server 7.6.123 Download and Fix Driver Microsoft Windows 2008 operating system. - Mail Server (Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 running Windows 2008) In attempting to open the mailbox on the tab called volume authenticate RBU's account without achieving the objective of opening the mailbox registration event gives us the following: T-2: TMapiManager: Reinitialize: Creating new MAPI session. T-2: CreateProfileAndSession: CreateMsgService in failure, error = 0x8004010f win. T-2: TMapiConnection: TMapiConnection: Unable to use profile, win error 0x8004010f T-2: TMapiManager: Reinitialize: intialize mailboxes could not due to a prior error. If you could help me with this, it will be nice. Ricardo.