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    no free space on had c

    aha, i think you mean the default tmp on the system variable that pointes to TEMP and TMP? if not, which default tmp you meaning? But now i've some stress to execute a backup because i receive the error message 808 key/refnum search failed. The message appears after moving the catalog like you described. can you give me some informations how to fix that? Thaks Frank
  2. falconry

    no free space on had c

    okay, i test it, the files still created. Bad thing. i 've no idea how to make space free for my HD c: Can you please assist me for these errormessages. I moved the catalog as you describe.
  3. falconry

    no free space on had c

    okay, i can not change the location, i understand :-). But can you please give me some informations one entry above. Is it possible to deactivate the cration of these files? i think, in my evoirement it makes no sense. UUUPs, after moving the catalogs i received now an errormessage. Fehler beim Abgleich von "backup" mit "script" Fehler 8008 (key/refnum search failed"). What can i do now? Also before and after moving the catalogs, i'm not able to run a backup. The errormessage says: TMemory:createMapFile: Failes to increase the paging file size, error 112. As i say, i've verry low disk space...
  4. falconry

    no free space on had c

    a second question: you say, it is not poosible to change the location of the dat-files. Is it possible to define this location while installation of retrospect or will the files stored in profile by default? thanks Frank
  5. falconry

    no free space on had c

    aha, okay, so retrospect trying to detect which fils are backed up by two crterias. first the archive flag and second the ntfs-permissons? depends the cretion of these datfiles by the script-option "security" and the first two check-boxes. Sorry, i've a german version and can't translate the wording exactly. my backup concept is: some servers collecting few fils from its own configuration to a seperate folder. after this process retrospect backup these folders. so, in my opinion, it makes no sense to backup the ntfs-informations. so i think, i don't need these dat-files. what do you think? can i deactivate the creation of the dat-files? thanks in advance Frank
  6. falconry

    no free space on had c

    you mean, that i can delete this files, but these will be rebuild from retrospect after a while? furthes that means, if i don't backup the ntsf-informations these files won't be create? Is it poosible to move these files also from one location to another? hey, thats work an is easy to move the catalogs, thank you verry much for support
  7. hi together, i've some problems with space on HD c:\ Retrospect 7.5 is running on my server since 2 years. but now, the HD c is full. after inspecting the HD, i recognize two things: 1st. Folder c:\documents and settings/all users/application data/Retrospect. There i found a folder named rtrsec.dir with huge dat-files. what's the point of this folder? can i delete this files? or can i change the location if thie files from c to d? the second this is similar to the first. c:\documents and settings//my documents/retrospect katalogdateien. my backup enclose some tapes and a backup-set on a local HD (e:). is it possible to move the catalog-files from c to d without rebuilding the files by retorespect processes (i read, it's possible to build the catalog new after losing it). But i don't wont to rebuild all catalogs from scratch. thanks in advanced frank