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  1. Thank you for the fast response! I uninstalled both 8.0 and 8.1, rebooted, installed 8.1, and the client is now backing up.
  2. After upgrading server and clients to 8.1.0 (209), all clients are now generating error: "Client speed test failed, error -523 ( service transaction error)". Prior to upgrade we were not seeing this error. Software is totally unusable at this point. Please help!
  3. There exists a feature in managed and proactive scripts to specify an execution unit to use. There needs to be a feature to RESERVE an execution unit for ONLY a specific list of scripts. Reason: I have a need to reserve an execution unit for a specific list of servers. Currently I have to specify those servers use unit X, and then divide the rest of the scripts manually over the remaining units. This is VERY inefficient as not all those scripts have the same run time and I end up with unused units and scripts in queue. If I could just reserve a unit for a list of scripts I could use all my units in the most efficient manner.