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  1. There is no network attached storage being used. All drives are either in the computer or directly attached via USB2.0. FYI, there are 3 drives in the computer and the MyBook attached. The drive I am working with is the C: drive. The two additional drives in the system have different drive letters assigned to them than in the previous system the cataloged was created on.
  2. I’m currently at work so can’t give precise answers to all the questions. The machine has 8 gigs of ram There are at least 100 gigs of free space on the hard drive Retrospect is installed on. (More like 200) (The drive is a WD 500 gig drive) Just minimizing and maximizing the Retrospect window causes it to “not respond†I don’t know where to begin trouble shooting. I’ve used Retrospect for years with no issues. Prior to Vista 64 I was using XP professional. The tasks I was performing were to recreate an existing Retrospect 7.5 catalogue that was on a 500 gig WD MyBook and restoring the contents of the backup set. With a lot of waiting retrospect will respond again and the necessary configurations/selections can be made. Just to be clear I anticipated the hours it would take to actually recreate the catalogue and restore the files. The issue is the configurations/selections.
  3. I am using Retrospect Professional 7.6 with the latest updates applied It is installed on Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (64 bit) Retrospect is constantly not responding! If I wait long enough (more than 5 min) it will eventually start responding again. The published system requirements say Retrospect Professional works on Vista 32/64 I need help to get this working properly. Please let me know if any additional information is needed. Thank You, Don