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    I am curious to see if someone has tried this before. What would happen to the monday tape on the second week. Would retrospect still look for 2-Week 1 or would it require a new member again, or would it look for the first member in the set with room available. Seems very tricky to configure. I guess I will have to try it out. I will keep you posted.
  2. rob_gf

    Grandfather father son

    Okay, if start out creating a Week 1 backup set and run a full backup on Friday, then monday - thursday I run a new member action. So my 1-week 1 is a full backup and my daily backups (2-week 1, 3-week etc.)are all in the same backup set. That way Friday should do a recycle backup which is a full backup, and then monday will just backup any changes or additions, same with tuesday, wednesday etc. Would this work?
  3. rob_gf

    Grandfather father son

    OK I'll try and explain this the best way I can. I started out with 8 backup sets. Week 1 -4 and monday - thursday. Week 1 was on a Friday and requires 2 LTO2 tapes and is set as recycle (which I understand to be a full backup next time around). The Monday tape then runs as a normal backup but backs up everything again. I want it to just take and changed or additional files since the Week 1 backup ran.
  4. I am trying to do a grandfather father son rotation in retrospect, but I can't see how to do an incremental or differential backup. Running Retrospect 7.6 on windows 2003 Standard with 20 windows client machines.
  5. I have tried unlicensed the exchange add on and re licensed it but it did not help. The mailboxes were backed up successfully using 7.5.xxx but the mailbox container would not refresh automatically. I am using a RBU account will all required permissions.
  6. I am running Retrospect 7.6.123 in Windows 2003 SP2. I was backing up the exchange stores fine using retrospect7.5 and then I added the mailbox container to the script. Approx 300 mailboxes. The mailbox container was not refreshing so I upgraded to 7.6.123. Now I get the error when trying to backup the mailbox containers saying that 'This user's mailbox may not be initialized. error -3402 on about half of the mailboxes and the other half give me the error 1121 'unknown file system'. Please Help