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  1. but i was already running 6.1230 when I started this post. That did not change for me. I have noticed though that the lacie drive is not always recognized when retrospect does its usb scan and i have the drive plugged into the right side of my macbook pro. I will check more into the macbook usb document you referred too.
  2. Here is a positive update. Last night I decided to backup a few steps. I was so frustrated that I wanted to try retrospect on a different Intel Mac and so i installed it on my wife's macbook with intel core duo chip. I first installed retrospect 6.0 and then installed the most current version of 6.1. To my delight IT WORKED. The AIT drive was visible and I was able to read/write. Previously when I installed retrospect on my macbook pro I started from 6.1xxxx and not 6.0. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, but i decided to go ahead and uninstall retrospect. I then installed 6.0 and then after put on 6.1xxxx. For whatever reason It works! If it was simply the case of retrospect needing to have 6.0 on the Hard drive to work...then I feel silly. I did use a different USB port this time too, so it could be that has well, but i won't know until i do another test tomorrow. Either way i'm VERY grateful for this forum and your help and response. I'll let you know if it works on the other USB port.
  3. [color:orange]Here is the info from the system profiler. I have it plugged in to my macbook pro using USB. LaCie StudioDrive USB2: Product ID: 0x0204 Vendor ID: 0x059f (LaCie) Version: 11.06 Serial Number: 11100E0006C378A6 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: LaCie Location ID: 0xfd100000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 98 I understand your problem statement to be that, despite showing up in System Profiler as an AIT drive, it doesn't show up in Retrospect's Configure > Devices window. Correct?[/color] YES [color:orange]The only Intel factor that usually bites you is if the "don't back up ACL" checkbox isn't checked in Retrospect's Preferences > OS X tab. Is that checkbox checked?[/color] NO [color:orange]One more thing: Sure you have the right version of Retrospect (not Retrospect Express) installed and license code? See the product matrix: Retrospect Mac product matrix[/color] It's the same version of retrospect i used just yesterday on my power mac g5 with the same tape drive i have used for years. I'm running 6.1.230 on INTEL OSX 10.5.6 I also am running retrospect driver update version when i went to backup here is what it says. "Sorry, no tape storage devices found." If enter into retrospects device status I can see USB-A listed as an ID -but no product is associated with it even though my lacie drive is plugged in. does this help? I really need to access some files! Thank You so much. blake
  4. OS X Version 10.5.6 running both on PowerPC G5 and on Intel Macbook Pro with Core Duo 2. I am currently running version Retrospect 6.1.230 and also made sure i dropped the driver update into my retrospect application folder. The drive does show up in the apple system profiler as a usb device.
  5. I have a rather old Lacie d2 AIT-1 drive. It has usb 2.0 and firewire 400 connectivity. It has been great on my G5. I switched over to an intel mac. Using same version of osx. I upgraded retrospect to the latest 6.1 update. I went to do my first backup and while the drive can be seen on the system bus, retrospect can not find it when i go through the configure menu and scan the bus. The bottom line is i need to know how to make the Lacie AIT drive work on the intel mac. Also...I checked compatible drives list and this drive seems to be supported. however, i'm unclear about the intel factor which is the root of my problem i think. I tried both usb and firewire with the same result. Please Help!