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  1. Took me a while to track these down before as well. Had some problems getting the System Preference to shut down the engine. Depending on what the engine is doing when you enter these into the terminal it may take up to 15 minutes for the engine to stop. I now just use the system preference for a visual cue as to when the engine actually stops. stop retrospect engine: sudo /bin/launchctl/ unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.roxio.launchd.retroengine.plist start retrospect engine: sudo /bin/launchctl/ load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.roxio.launchd.retroengine.plist
  2. hford

    Disk Images

    Can't remember if this has been discussed in the past, did a quick search of the current forum but didn't find anything. When a drive dies and needs to be restored I like to restore the backup to a disk image on the computer running the software V6 or Engine V8 and then use the disk image for a migration to the new hard drive running with current system software. With Version 6 this worked fine. I have checked two different servers running Retrospect 8.2 399 engine, one an intel xServe running 10.4.11 (I know I'm working on an upgrade but need to move other software running on the xServe to later versions first) and a Mac Pro running 10.6.4 server software. I can create a sparse disk image (10.4.11) or a sparse bundle disk image (10.6.4) and mount them on their respective computers. Need to stop and start the engine for Retrospect to see the mounted disk images. On the xServe it disappears from the sources list in a matter of minutes. On the Mac Pro it takes a little longer, not sure how long since I wasn't watching it constantly, but it also lost track of the disk image. The disk images are still mounted on the desktop of the computers running the engine but Retrospect just looses track of them. Is this a known issue which is going to be corrected or has it not been discussed before.
  3. The problem arrises from Retrospect having difficulty setting a time for the current day which has already passed. Try selecting the next day in the calendar or the next day of the event and then the early time you would like.
  4. Did a full backup of 800+ GB of data to tape with 8.2 (399) and ran a separate full backup set verify. This is the first time Retrospect verified the entire backup set without any files remaining after a successful verification. Previously with the Betas there were over 100,000 files that were still remaining after a successful verification. (Just for clarification of the uploaded image, I have two tape backups M-W-F and T-Th-S. I set up a verify script to include both backup sets but specified two verify schedules, one for each set following each backup. For some reason Retrospect lists only the first backup set in the schedule but verifies the correct set when executed.)
  5. How will the sale of Retrospect impact the current development of v.8 and the time line of the impending v.8.2 beta release?
  6. The App seems to be fast and straight forward. I can't see a way to sort the list of scheduled activities though. Currently the list is newest at the top and oldest at the bottom. Normally this would make sense but the newest in the list is future and the oldest in the list is current. I'd love to swap these. If there is no sort option I would like to ask that it be added as a feature request for the future.
  7. hford

    Grooming Questions

    It's been a while since I checked but last time I did grooming was only available on disk backup media. Tape media had no grooming options.
  8. I had a similar problem with a client and 2 of 6 external drive partitions. The 4 partitions backed up fine and listed all the files I expected. The other 2 showed minimal files. Turned out to be some ghosted references for the partitions in the hidden /volumes folder. I disconnected the external drive and cleared out the ghosted references which remained. Once they were removed the 2 partitions showed full content in Retrospect. There was some issue with Retrospect being unable to figure out which reference was the true 'drive' and just picking the first in the list alphabetically...
  9. hford

    retrospect 8 asked for media

    I haven't found where to change the estimated tape capacity in v.8 yet. Would you explain how this is done?
  10. hford

    Exabyte VXA AutoLoader problems

    I have the VXA-2 version of the Auto-Loader with FireWire and I have been seeing similar issues with this drive all through the Beta stages. I'm trying the Release version with the same results. No issues with Retrospect 6.1 running on the same computer with the same Loader. Erasing a tape hangs the console necessitating a Force Quit. The Engine won't stop when requested. See log image. Shutting down the server computer takes 15 minutes to complete when this happens... Normal shut down ~2 min. Moving tapes will go into the loader but when asked to unload, the request never seems to get to the drive. Also hung the console. It's almost like there is an issue with the Retrospect 8 and the FireWire connection communicating to the loader properly. I have an external FireWire VXA-2 drive which does not have these issues. Erases tapes fine and will eject when requested.