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  1. setting up new 8.1 server and looks like in 8.1 you don't have ability to select run on Monday - Friday for a script? (do we have to setup a day schedule for each day now?)
  2. From reading the forum posts it sounds like the 8.0 build had quite a few issues and 8.1 (beta?) might be more stable. For those that are using the newer 8.1 version would you say it is ready for production or hold off and stay on 7.6? Thanks Scott
  3. If an accidental recycle were to happen there is not way to restore the tape contents from the backup set is there?
  4. sspeckman

    Retro 7 ADIC LTO very slow backups

    Retrospect (ex. 7.0.XXX) and RDU version Multi-Server Version 7.0.301 RDU version 7.07.101 2. What kind of SCSI card? Adaptec 29160 3. What OS? Windows 2003 Server w/SP1 4. Device info - go to Configure > Devices > Environment and list the entire line beginning w/ SCSI ID 0:0:0 WDC WD20 00JB-75DUAO 6.5.1
  5. We are having a problem were our LTO changer has started to drop to <200 megs per minute for backups (local and network), this used to get well over 800 meg per minute local backup and up to 1000. Any ideas? The latest drivers from dantz are loaded and for the SCSI cards as well. Help.
  6. sspeckman

    Error 1100

    We are having the same problem. invalid handle and the sets are currupted. Linksys 250 Gig Nas device with Retrospect 6.5 (latest version)
  7. we had a server go down today and are trying to rebuild from tape our backups. ALL tapes show content unrecognized using the backup drive (DDS) on another workstation. any ideas? The backups were running without errors before the crash.
  8. Is there any real speed advantage from going to version 6 From 5.6? We are still up in the air about the upgrade as we already have Exchange agent 1.2 and don't see any info on what 1.3 offers (fixes/additions). TIA