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    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Hi Pete, Thanks for your very articulate response. Very well said. I agree completely. Regards, Gary
  2. UnixGuru

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    I am running Retrospect under the same ID as I am logged in as and I have Admin rights. So I don't think Vista's issues with multiple ID's apply in my case. My second point is that Retrospect is a single instance program in that when you disable the activity monitor and launch Retropsect you get a dialog box that says another instance is running and click on 'OK' to kill it and start up Retrospect. Your solution only kills the current session and restarts the program. I need to gain entry into the currect session so I can address issues such needing additional media, etc. Currently, I am starting the program and letting it stay up and running so when the backups start I can see the media usage, but that is a work around and not a solution.
  3. UnixGuru

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    An update was automatically applied last night. It was "Driver Update and Hot Fix". I can't seem to find any documentation as to what is included/fixed in this patch. Does anyone have that info?
  4. UnixGuru

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    An interesting observation. I brought up the activity monitor when a backup wasn't running and got the same blank screen. When I clicked on the icon it started Retrospect with the Activity Screen. So it would appear as though this all works in Vista except when a backup is running. This would eliminate port issues, etc. and point at there being some sort of multi-threading issue/bug with the program itself during a running backup.
  5. UnixGuru

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    I am running a Retrospect automated backup as the logged in user under Vista Home Premium which is a 32 bit version of Vista and the activity monitor is not working.
  6. UnixGuru

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Has there been any word from Engineering on this issue? Has anyone found a work around?