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    Retro SBS Premium 7.7 Crash

    Sorry, meant to include this is a Windows Server SBS 2003 SP2.
  2. I have a site running Retrospect 7.7 SBS Premium which now crashes after scanning any system drive (local or remote client) for files with a Visual C++ Runtime error. This started happening after this group of updates were applied and without uninstalling one-by-one, any idea which one may have been the cause? I have tried reinstalling Visual C++ 2010 Runtime. kb2847311 kb2883150 kb2862335 kb2864058 kb2861189 kb2863239 kb2861697
  3. I'll think I'll grab a Gourmet Burrito just outside your offices in p-town in celebration of clearer understanding (I'm just down the street.). I raise my cup of Diet Coke to you Robin!
  4. Thanks for the clarification! I've check that our selector worked but never checked if I needed to create such a selector.
  5. Yes, but why backup a "database file" when all you want to do is backup a "database"? Unless there is something about the mechanics that I'm missing, you would duplicate your backup storage requirements. One copy that you can restore from and one that you can't. We have drives that only have Exchange or SQL databases and we exclude those from normal file backups as they get personal attention with their respective database agents. Should we not do this?
  6. Based on the suggested problem solving test, it would seem I have figured this out. My Exchange scripts have always had the selector set to "No Files". This worked just fine prior to the latest release. Once I upgraded, it would seem I needed to change those scripts to "All Files". Curious, since Exchange is a database, why do I need to set a Selector? My scripts for just Exchange have been fine with it set to "No Files".
  7. I rebooted tonight. No change in status. I think I got me a bug.
  8. Verified: It is not hidden from the global address book.
  9. Yes, not a problem at all. Retrospect clearly sees both the public and private mail stores. Exchange 2003 SP2
  10. anchornet

    Exchange Storage Group Hangs SBS server

    It's your disk controller driver. I had the same problem for months. Drove me nuts. The mouse moves, screen saver works, disk subsystem totally frozen giving the server a "hung" appearance. Pretty much always happened during initial backup of Exchange or Saturday nights at 2am (go figure that one). This SO cured me: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932755
  11. Upgraded a working SBS Retrospect to 7.6.123 and Exchange backup (separate script) now takes 1 second to complete. Obviously that's incorrect for a 12GB Exchange database. Something broke! At least I think so. Anyone else seeing this issue? Tried to unlicense, and re-license. Successful. Have special RBU account and Retrospect can see all the individual mailboxes. Successful. All with the same result. Here is the log... + Normal backup using Exchange at 12/17/2008 10:04 PM (Execution unit 1) * Resolved container Exchange Server to 1 volumes: First Storage Group To Backup Set Exchange... - 12/17/2008 10:04:01 PM: Copying First Storage Group 12/17/2008 10:04:01 PM: No files need to be copied 12/17/2008 10:04:05 PM: Execution completed successfully Duration: 00:00:04 (00:00:01 idle/loading/preparing)