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  1. well i got the DVD burner and everything should have been ok. the internal workings of this DVD burner were not compatible with Retrospect! tech says no matter what you never know what you getting with the LaCie stuff. so basically starting over. I still can't find a newer model of a Mac compatible Travan drive. I wanted to find a way of moving out old tapes onto something newer. Not having much luck. The tech at Retrospect says there's really no way mass move everything to a new media. We may just have to move for ward with a few external hard drives. Need to make a few scripts that will archive to 2 drives i guess. So that i can have a retrievable copy on one hard drive and another that we don't touch. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks April
  2. I haven't bought anything yet. I wanted to make sure its all compatible before. So Retrospect 6.1 desktop version should work with the drive I listed (as long as I call and verfiy) We got a free copy of Express 6.1.126 with our new external HD. I wanted to upgrade to get the free 30 days of help. Thanks, you've been great!
  3. holy crap Russ!!! wow... last i checked our model wasn't on the list Seagate STT6201U i really would rather leave the tapes behind and move forward to DVD DL. I am looking at a LaCie that is compatible with Retrospect. I called yesterday and was told I should upgrade to a full desktop version and get some free help for 30 days. I am still trying to find documentation on my current DVD burner selection. Its not on the list. But I can't find the ones on the list for sale anywhere? LaCie - 20x d2 DL DVD+-RW with Lightscribe I see one listed as 16x, but not 20x? Item Number : 301196U Capacity : 8.5GB DVD±R DL (double layer); 4.7GB DVD±R/RW; 700MB CD-R; 650MB CD-RW Interface : FireWire 400 Technology : DVD±R; DVD±RW; DVD±R DL; CD-R; CD-RW Digital Audio Extraction : 40x CAV DVD speeds (Write, Rewrite, Read) : DVD+RW Speeds: 20x8x16x DVD-RW Speeds: 20x6x16x DVD±R DL Speed: 8x DVD-RAM Speed: 5x CD speeds (Write, Rewrite, Read) : CD-RW Speeds: 48x32x48x Writing Methods : DVD-R: Disc-at-once, Incremental recording, Multi-border recording DVD-RW: Restricted overwriting DVD+R: Incremental recording DVD+RW: Random recording CD-R/RW: Disc-at-once; Track-at-once; Session-at-once; Packet writing Disc Format : CD: CD-ROM; CD-ROM XA; CD-DA; Photo CD; CD-R; CD-RW; CD-Extra; CD-Text DVD: DVD-ROM; DVD+R; DVD-R (general use only); DVD+RW; DVD-RW; DVD-Video; DVD-R DL; DVD+R DL Access Time : CD: 130 ms; DVD: 140 ms System Requirements : FireWire equipped computer Mac® OS X 10.4.8 Minimum 256MB of RAM Loading System : tray Bundled Software : Toast 8 Titanium Toast 7 Basic LaCie LightScribe Labeler 1.2 (Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later) LaCie Remote Burn 1.0
  4. My Travan drive is not recognizable on the OSX computer. I have not been able to find a driver that is compatible with 10.4 Mac. As far as I could research, Seagate doesn't offer one and Travan drives are hard to find period. Especially for Mac. Do you know of another option? Thanks April
  5. Well I maybe using the wrong terminology. I am not an expert at this. Weekly I create a large "back up" using the "archive" function. Which is those files are then removed from our server. So my understanding is that all those files are stored on the tape i back up to and a catalog is kept on the computer i run Retrospect on. I copied the catalogs to my new OSX Computer. They are recognized there. I can not however still use my seagate travan drive on OSX. So I can not retrieve files from my tapes on my new system. I do not have a DVD burner hooked to my old computer. So i can not just "duplicate or "transfer" to a DVD right? I do use those archived files to build new files. So its a daily thing to retrieve files from the tapes. How can i get say...15 tapes of files transferred to the new computer or to DVD? Does this make anymore sense? I may not completely understand how Retrospect works. I can't believe that the back up set is just a copy. Cuz that says to me the other copy would be resident on my old HD and there's no way for that computer to hold all that. Thank you
  6. I am trying to get files from our Travan tapes (copied/duplicated/backed up, whatever i need to do?) to a new hard drive. from there i can back up to DVD. How can i get the files from the tapes to somewhere else? I had a few snap awhile back and someone thinks they have repaired them enough to get the info off of them. i'm afraid to try anything until i know what i need to do. also i am trying to find a new method for archiving. since our tapes are out of date with OSX, i need some advice on how to further archive files. this site doesn't off much choice for Mac OSX. Would like to archive to an external HD and make a duplicate copy to some type of media. Help! thanks april
  7. LaCie d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe USB 2.0 & FireWire with Double Layer 20x what more info is there? i can not find what you are asking for?