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  1. Hi All, I am trying to restore a file on one of our backup sets. And it keeps popping out this error. Sorry, restore preparation failed, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match). When verifying this catalog set the log will output ->Can't load source session tree for 11/30/2009 10:53 AM, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match) -> Couldn't verify 470,462 files due to missing or incomplete media When rebuilding the catalog set retrospect will say "the catalog portion of the fileBackupsetMW appears to be valid. Rebuild it anyway?" is my backup set corrupted? More info: We are on Retrospect 6.1.230 running on Mac OS X server 10.5.7. Backup set is configured as file backup set. The catalog was save on an 4TB RAID 0 OWC FW external rack-mount drive and the current size of the backup set is 1TB. how do i retrieve files now? can anyone help.
  2. uninstalled Retrospect Server and download and installed the update Retrospect 6.1.230. Disabled duplicating ACL while doing backups on Preferences-> OS X and it seems working/copying now hoping that it will not quit/crash again.
  3. an update.. in our console logs I have a lot of these before the crash of retrospect it seems problem on authenticating.. our retrospect does not have security enabled when run. anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hi we have a retrospect server 6.0 that is running fine under Intel Mac OS X server 10.5.7 for more than a month. Just this week all the duplicate scripts where unsuccessful due to retrospect server just quit when its scanning files and folders or while in the middle of copying files. I have search the forum on how to solve retrospect quitting or crashing and have found two tips/suggestions 1. Disable ACL copy when copying/duplicating 2. re-create Retro.config by deleting or dragging it to another location. However I have done this two tricks but still Retrospect Server Quits by itself and leaving the duplicate backup unsuccessful I have recently installed a REV drive device on the server running on FW but I do not think that would cause the quitting of Retro App (I maybe wrong here). Also after the installation of REV drive the Retrospect was able to succesfully perform a duplicate backup. The files are around 342,150 and 52,146 folders to be exact. Are these files and folders too many already? What number of files that Retrospect can handle? Anyone have ideas on how to solve this? I am stuck already and the worst thing is that we do not have complete backup as the duplicate will delete first the backup then performs the copy and sadly Retrospect quits in the middle while duplicating. I have not restarted the server yet and have not disconnected the REV drive but will do tomorrow if the server is free of users connecting. Help Please...
  5. We ended up buying the REV technology. The speed was really like nice (USB2.0 speed) when backing up using retrospect and we are happy at the moment. However we wanted to utilize the size of each cartridges more efficiently, currently we are backing up without compressing and easily get the cartridges filled up. Is compressing advisable? has anyone had experience with compressing the data when backing up using retrospect? I found an option in retrospect if I'm not mistaken that you can compress the data when backing up.. How reliable is it specially when restoring? would it take twice the time of backing/restore up since it will compress the data?
  6. Just to confirm. Russ is right. I tried editing the properties above without values and I still able to received notifications for Media Request.
  7. Russ, I got the chance today to take a simple test on the Event Handler Script and it's all working fine now I can receive email notifications whenever the script ask for a specific media on the removable drive and or if it will ask for new media. I also have been able to received email notification if the script finished with errors plus I am using authentication to our mail server. Thanks for all the help. I am using the same code above. I setup the retrospect to wait on media request that will be set on Retrosepect Menu->preferences->Media Request also I only edited these properties property kErrorGroup : {"email@adrress.com"} property kMediaRequestGroup : {"email@adrress.com"} property kMailServer : "our.mail.server" property kFrom : "SysAd@domain.com" property kUsername : "philcebutv" property kPassword : "password" property theRequestedMediaType : "MyMediaTypeName" property theRequestedMember : "AnotherMyMediaTypeName" and I make sure that when retrospect run the event handler will also run and will not quit. I did also the steps that you keep telling users on this forum on how to convert the event handler script to an application using the script editor. Thanks a Lot for the hints!
  8. Russ, thanks for emailing the script in text format. I am still trying to save the applescript on script editor but generates an error always and I still have to look into that. Ok just need to ask another question. I tried setting the media request timeout on the preferences of retrospect and it has minutes to set what's the minutes for? Is it the minutes that retrospect waits until a new media is inserted? and What happens if that timeout expire? I tried using the event handler inlcuded in retrospect but I can't get the retrospect to email me when it ask for a media. this is the snippet of the Retro Event Handler I am using property kMainGroup : {"email@adrress.com"} --will get mail for all events . property kSuccessGroup : {} --will get mail only if no errors occurred property kErrorGroup : {"email@adrress.com"} --will get mail only when Retrospect reports an error property kMediaRequestGroup : {"email@adrress.com"} --will get mail when Retrospect needs new media property kMailServer : "our.mail.server" -- the smtp server to use for sending mail property kFrom : "SysAd@domain.com" -- the from address for the mails that Retrospect sends --SMTP Authentication --if your mail server uses SMTP authentication, enter the username and password here property kUsername : "philcebutv" property kPassword : "password" -- the full path to the script that sends mail property kScriptCommand : "/usr/bin/python /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/macmail.py" -- This constant defines the interval (in hours) between Backup Server report emails. property kSendBackupServerReport : 12 -- Set this property to false if you don't want the main group to receive mail on script or Backup Server starts. property sendMailOnStart : true -- Nothing below this line needs to be edited. -- -- End of properties for the sendMail Function. -- -- Properties needed for the mediaRequestTimedOut function. property theRequestedMediaType : "" -- name of the media type property theRequestedMember : "" -- this will let the user know what the name of the next tape will be I can received a notification on every script that has run on our server as well script that has errors What do i need to put on these properties? property theRequestedMediaType : "" property theRequestedMember : "" do I need to put the name of the requested tape? what happen if it ask for a new tape? what would be the name of it? by the way I am on Intel Machine running in OS X 10.5.7
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    Russ, Thanks for clearly explaining. You are extremely right as when I tried restoring one of the retro backup we have for a specific user - this user was using entourage and found out that no email backup was copied to the data set. You been such a help thanks again. We will be enforcing all our users to just logout their account at the end of the day. In this way backup would be successfull
  10. Hi All, Can retrospect copy the file that's being used? say for example we wanted to backup Apple Mail or Entourage on a specific client will it copy while those applications running on the client?
  11. Hi, I am in this situation also where I need retrospect to email someone or me if the removable drive runs out of tape/removable disks. Is this possible? tried the property kMediaRequestGroup : {"email@address"} but does not work. I know that my Retrospect Event Handler is working since it will email me when an error is generated when a script is run. Only problem of mine is I have a removable drive and I want to email me incase if it runs out of tape or needs a new tape please advice..
  12. can you elaborate more on fail of REV drive? how does it fail? during the backup? or restore?
  13. thanks for sharing. Yes, I believe there is a backup schedule setup for it. We are using version 3.8 of Daylite. thanks again for the tip!
  14. Ok' date=' email sent with attachments. You might want to delete your email address from the forums, or you might get SPAMmed. Enjoy. Russ[/quote'] thanks again russ..
  15. Click on his name to see his profile. Near the top' date=' click on "Start private topic".[/quote'] thanks man..