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  1. Backups have started halting, waiting for additional members due to insufficient storage, but I have plenty of capacity. Each backup set uses one 3TB drive, set to use up to 95%, but it's halting at the 700GB mark (25%) for some reason. See below: Backup Set Details: Summary: Used: 678.2 G Available: 1976.9 G 1 member in use, 27 sessions, 31 snapshots Member properties: Type: Local Volume File System: NTFS Used: 677.9 G Free: 2116.8 G (75% available) Total: 2794.6 G Use at most: 2,655 G or 95% How do I tell the backup set to use more drive space?
  2. How do I tell Retrospect (6.0.206) to skip a scheduled backup if the media is unavailable? Currently Retrospect waits for the media, which causes each following backup to also wait in queue. (Forgive me if this is has been covered. I searched but couldn't find it)