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  1. Same story in 2013. Tape drive vanished, Retrospect or OSX again wouldn't see it. Reinstalls of driver, etc. did not solve the issue this time. I gambled a $50 on buying another ATTO SCSI card, this time an UL4D. Installed it and... bam! Everything sees everything again. I didn't even have to install a new driver. So the real problem in 2009 was a defective ATTO SCSI card too, probably. I'll so play frisbee with this thing...
  2. Hello Russ, Thank you for your help. I successfully restored my OSX drive using this method, but ran into quite a few OSX bugs along the way. Since these were OSX issues, not Retrospect ones, I posted the narrative at Apple's forum, for future reference in this thread
  3. I'm considering restoring a Mac G5 OSX 10.4.11 system HD with Retrospect 6 from LTO2 tapes backed up Jan. 31. 2010. I read the Retrospect manual, I'm not sure if this G5 counts for a "server" or not; it doesn't run OSX Server just plain OSX, but I do log in briefly to it from my second G5 via the "Go To Server" command every other day for a few minutes. Its OSX drive still works 99% okay, only a handful programs are afflicted with some code I can't eradicate; if I don't start them, the G5 has simply no issues, but reinstalls didn't fix them. This is my main G5 that had Retrospect, the SCSI card, and the tape drive always. Its OSX drive is a mirrored RAID pair. So in theory I could split this RAID pair into two identical HDs, run the G5 fine on one of them, restore from tape to the second HD, than make the second HD the primary of the RAID, rebuild the RAID pair from it and be in business. How does this idea sound to you? A viable shortcut, or too much complication, compared to restoring the G5 from my second Mac (a smaller unit, which never had Retrospect, a SCSI card, or a tape drive before... install galore.) Or should I pursue some third approach? As I mentioned, the restore target G5 hasn't crashed at all, I just don't know any simpler way how to return its state to a January 31st one. Thank you in advance for your help
  4. Hello Russ, I just completed the backup run 1 of 10, 129 Gigs transferred and verified without problems. I guess it wasn't an Apple problem, after all. The now working ATTO SCSI connector was the one I used during my first post. Before the driver reinstallations and re-flashing it didn't work. You nailed a problem, I nailed another, who knows how many more lurk in that ancillary SCSI process... I'll rather keep just using the setup as is, and hope that by the next time it stops working, I'll be able to pick up a used LTO2 drive with FireWire or USB2 (or similar current standard) already on eBay. :-)
  5. Hello Russ, I Flashed the card again... restarted... same result I installed the driver again... restarted ... same result I powered off the G5. I crawled behind my gear stack, unplugged the SCSI cable and put it into my UL3D's second slot (not labeled by the previous owner with an "AVID" sticker)... bingo The drive shows up in Apple Profiler and Retrospect too.
  6. Hello Russ, Here comes the result: Singing-Tomato:~ George$ locate .kext | fgrep ATTO /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext/Contents /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext/Contents/Info.plist /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext/Contents/MacOS /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext/Contents/MacOS/ATTOExpressPCIPlus /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext/Contents/Resources /System/Library/Extensions/ATTOExpressPCIPlus.kext/Contents/Resources/ATTOIcons.icns So does this mean the UL3D drivers did not install in spite of the installer saying so?
  7. (Ooops, this was a duplicate post. Sorry for the mistake, I minimized it.)
  8. Hello Russ, Thank you for the pointer, I visited the UL3D page and downloaded the config tool, the driver and the flash updates. For some reason, even after I installed those (and removed the old files), this is what I get from my G5: If I can only find a SCSI LVD to SCSI-1 cable, I might be able to borrow an age-old Iomega JAZ or Apple 1X CD-Rom drive from my employer's electronic boneyard for a quick test... or should I try something else?
  9. More news. I downloaded the ATTO Configuration Tool, suggested in another thread and tried to configure the NVRAM. The program wouldn't open the NVRAM without drivers for the UL3D ATTO card, which ATTO doesn't offer on its web site anymore. I took a gamble and downloaded/installed the drivers for the newer UL4D card... no cigar. Apple, Apple, what have you done. The tape drive host Mac is off the Net completely, so even downgrading to an older OSX (something I never did before) will be a considerable challenge.
  10. Hello Russ, Thank you for your reply. I downloaded and installed the latest 6.1.230 update for Retrospect, and also the latest Driver Update After the two, Retrospect still doesn't see my tape drive, only my DVD burner, as shown on the attached screen shot. Apple System Profiler also sees only my SCSI PCI card, but no tape drive. (Its window is in the same screen shot.)
  11. Restrospect 6.1.138 backed up to my Dell PowerVault 110T LTO2 tape drive just fine for years. My last backup session was in April 09. Past week, when I set out to do the next regular scheduled backup mega-session, the program simply could not find the tape drive. Is there any known compatibility issue between OSX 10.4.11 and Retrospect 6.1.138? Could it be some OSX update that caused this change? Other than that, I tried a different SCSI cable with the same result already, I tried to swap the cable with the terminator in the back of the tape drive (which boots, loads a tape, etc. just fine for all I can tell), I plugged in the cable in the other socket on the dual SCSI card, and the Mac OS still sees the ATTO Express PCI UL3D card in its System Profiler. The only thing I didn't do (other than checking for OS incompatibility) is to substitute an other SCSI drive, since I don't have any, nor do I know anyone in the whole state who still uses SCSI. (Why tape drive manufacturers don't switch to something current like FireWire, USB2, or whatever, already? Doh.) Well, anyway, if anyone has some insight that might help me get out of this pretty mess, please let me know...TIA. I'll be sitting here, pondering what to do.
  12. I backed up my hard drives to 2 separate sets of LTO2 cartridges for many years. I wonder, is there a way I could restore my files to a different computer, were I to take one set of cartridges overseas to my other location? Perhaps if I also copied the Retrospect database files from my source computer to a CD?
  13. I have been backing up my HD incrementally for years (never doing a "recycle" backup) thinking that I can restore any file from any backup later if a need ever arises. Imagine my sheer horror yesterday, then, when, looking to restore a file from a 2007 backup, I found no trace of it in the directory of restorable files, only the files of my latest, Sept. 2008 backup. Yikes! I can tell that all my files from the past backups are still on the tapes, because the tape set has swollen to 1200 Gigs over the years for a half full 700 Gig HD. But how do I restore files from older backups?