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    Backup problems

    I am afraid this thread may be dead, but I am having the exact problem as Phillip. Has anyone found a solution for this? One other thing I have noticed is that our Exchange backups are taking absurdly long times to complete. A full backup for example could take as long as 1 day, 14 hours. A differential backup can take as long as 8-9 hours. None of our other backups take nearly that long. We are using Retrospect version 7.6.123,hotfix version Our exchange box Exchange 2007 on Windows server 2008. Thanks, Brian
  2. brianwil

    error -843

    Finally got through to Retrospect Tech Support. Apparently RS can get "tangled up" sometimes. A simple restart of the program was all it took (hits self in forehead). Thanks again.
  3. brianwil

    error -843

    As far as I can tell, that particular backup is the only thing running. There is nothing else under waiting or executing and nothing else is scheduled (until the next day). The strange thing is that the running script seems to be waiting for itself, i.e. "libraryserver waiting for libraryserver." Could there be something "hidden" running in the background?
  4. brianwil

    error -843

    We are running Retrospect 7.6.111. We created backups and backup sets with the same names for consistency (librarysever for example). Recently, on the waiting tab, we have been getting the message, "libraryserver waiting for libraryserver." This seems to hang up the whole process as the other backups (on the same execution unit) never run. When trying to look at the properties of the client (Configure->Clients->Tools or Volumes tab), I get the message: "Can't continue using libraryserver, error -843 (resource in use by another operation)". Nothing I have tried (short of deleting the backup set and starting over) has allowed the backup to start running again. Any suggestions? Thank you