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  1. Hi, we have three backup drives that are rotated on a weekly basis (recycle backup on Friday, normal backups every other day of the week). I've figured out how to create three separate backup sets for each drive, and set the schedules to run accordingly every 3rd week. However, there are times when we forget to switch the drives (i.e. long weekends), and a drive is in the system for two weeks in a row, causing the entire schedule to be thrown off. Is it possible to configure the backup set such that it doesn't matter which of the three drives is in the system at the time of the recycle backup, without requiring user intervention? Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! While I was looking through the Windows services, I noticed that the Yosemite Backup service was running. (We were using Yosemite Backup prior to Retrospect.) After disabling that service, I haven't gotten the snapshot error since. Thanks again for your help, Robin!
  3. I am not getting any VSS errors in the Event Log. I noticed that there are two Shadow Copy services running. One is called "MS Software Shadow Copy Provider" and the other is called "Volume Shadow Copy." They are both enabled at this moment. Should I turn one of these off? Do you think they're fighting each other?
  4. I'm not so sure if it's the catalog that's causing the issue. When I run the recycle backup (which wipes out the whole backup set), I still get this error. This only appears to be happening to folders being backed up from the local drive. The network clients don't have this error. Any other ideas why this is happening? The error is replicated below: Can't use Open File Backup option for Quickbooks on Data (E:), error -3043 (the maximum number of Snapshots has been reached) Thanks!
  5. If it's a corrupt catalog, how would I repair it? Thanks!
  6. The backup set I'm backing up to currently has 71 sessions and 75 snapshots. It is backing up 17 subdirectories over 8 computers (server + 7 clients).
  7. Hi, I've been getting this error in my backups: error -3043 (the maximum number of Snapshots has been reached) Can anybody tell me why this is happening and what I should do to rectify this situation? Thanks in advance! Jon