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  1. stevefoobar

    Can the New Version Back Up to an FTP Site?

    Thanks. It seems like Retrospect isn't really designed nor appropriate for FTP backups. It's also substantially more expensive than equivalent backup applications so I'll probably take a pass for now. It sure does work well for local backups though--especially remote PC backups over the network.
  2. I used an older version of this software for many years but have been away from it now for a while. I'm wondering if this new version will backup files to an FTP site. If not, then I'm wondering if I can force the backup files to my local disk to be 2 GB in size max so I can use a third-party FTP folder monitoring app to upload the files to an FTP site. Thanks.
  3. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    Tests 1, 2, and 3 were done with the client computer moved directly next to the wireless router. Test 4 was done with the client in its normal location about 20-25 from the router on the upper floor of the house. I don’t know what the unit of measure is for the Retro Performance numbers since I can’t find that information in the Help file. Wireless-N Device 1 is built into the client computer motherboard with no external antennas. Wireless-N Device 2 is a PCI-Express card with two external antennas. I included the backup speed of the host computer to a local USB drive as a baseline. Another thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a strong correlation to the reported Retro Client Speed and the Retro Performance except in the obvious case of an Ethernet connection. Also, every time I refreshed the client on the General tab within the client properties box while connected wirelessly, I got a different value for Speed, sometimes varying as much as between 2.0 MBps and 3.6 MBps. Since I couldn't seem to insert a table in this editor, I've attached a PDF file containing the results. Tests.pdf
  4. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    Scillonian, good questions. The router I'm using currently only transmits on Wireless-N at 2.4 GHz. I believe the old computer was also using Wireless-N at 2.4 GHz. Since the backups on the cient start at 4:00 AM I have not watched the wireless speed while backups are in progress but that may be a good test to see if the 150 Mbps speed drops. There are currently no USB3 devices connected to the client machine or near the access point. I'll have to read the article--sounds interesting. I finally was able to snatch the client computer and I'm testing it right now with a direct connection. I'll also be running some other tests related to the proximity to the access point so I'll post the results when I'm done. Thanks.
  5. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    Thanks David. I told the tech that I would try and move the client computer closer to the router and connect it directly via Ethernet to see what speeds it gets than to rule out anything odd with the Wireless connection and hardward, however, the person uses their computer almost 20 hours a day and at very odd hours so it's very difficult for me to snatch it away for this test.
  6. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    The backup of the client computer finally finished and there is some important detail to add to this problem. I noticed that although the previous backups of this client were at about the same "slow" speed of around 120 mbps, the backups normally take about 6 hours for the first backup. This time, although the average backup speed was the same 120 mbps, THE FIRST BACKUP TOOK 103 HOURS!
  7. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    I am still getting extremely slow speeds that cause this client to take two full days to back up the first time! There are some things that I didn't mention in the original post that could be a clue to what's going on. Most notably that this client used to be a completely different computer running Windows XP Pro when the backup speeds were very fast (around 400 mbps). It now seems like the slower speeds started after this computer was switched our for a new computer running Windows 7 64-bit. Both the old computer (Windows XP Pro) and the new computer (Windows 7) are using a similar Wi-Fi N connection and it's very stable with a solid consistent speed of 150 mbps, which is actually faster than my wired ethernet network (100 mbps) so I highly doubt the problem has anything to do with the Wi-Fi connection, especially since both the old and new computers had a similar connection. Of course, the client app is configured for maximum priority to the bacups but that still doesn't seem to be helping with the speed. I'm now assuming it must be something to do with either the hardware or OS change. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    Thanks David. I have done this and is appears it has nothing to do with the number or size of files but rather environmental as you suggested. Both backups (local and client) use different backup sets (identical in how they are configured though) but the same hard drive so those aren't variables. Narrowing it down further from this point would probably be rather difficult.
  9. stevefoobar

    Backup Client Suddenly Slow

    I've had Retrospect for years. Normally my local computer backs up files at around 700 mbps. My single client over my local network normally backs up at around 400 mbps. It seems like starting a few months ago, my local backup speed hasn't changed but my client backup speed has dropped to around 150 mbps. At this speed it takes multiple days to fully back the computer up. I don't understand what has happened. I don't remember changing anything on the network, the router, or anything else for that matter. The remote client is a Wi-Fi N client but it always has been and always has a strong signal and maximum Wireless N speeds so that hasn't changed. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
  10. stevefoobar

    Wake On LAN not working for OS X clients

    I can't confirm this myself but I have read in other threads that Retrospect doesn't support Wake on Lan despite it having a check-box indicating it is supported. One other user claimed this is a programming mistake and that this check box doesn't do anything and hasn't for many releases. Apparently many have asked for a true WOL feature to be implemented.
  11. This freeware application looks quite interesting--thanks. I'm going to give it a try as it seems RS 7.7 still doesn't support Wake on Lan for either the server computer or the clients. Too bad.
  12. I had a hard drive failure in a 2-disk striped RAID configuration so effectively lost all data on both hard drives. I have been doing daily backups with Retrospect 7.6 for Windows to external USB hard drives and have restored many files in the past with no problems. I have two separate hard drives with two separate sets of catalog files. Each drive goes back approximately 3 months in time. I was confident that I should be able to do a full system restore from the same backup USB drives. I did full backups on 1/22/2012 and 11/10/2011 with daily incremental backups in between. I can see all the RDB files on the backup USB drives and they all have valid file sizes. Retrospect seems to be able to see them as well when I load the backup sets (of which I have two—one on each drive). I have the original Windows XP boot disk and restored the computer to its original “start” state. I then performed all the necessary Windows XP Professional updates to bring the OS to SP3, which is what it was when I had the hard drive failure and made the last good incremental backup (on 3/18/2012). Although I’ve owned and used Retrospect for many years and have paid for updates (the last update being ver. 7.6), the update folder for the software was on the hard drive that failed and I cannot find my backups for the software. I do however have an older ver. 7.0 that I found so I installed that version in the hope that I could restore using it. I have had no luck whatsoever and after many hours of researching and trying every possible setting, I am baffled. When I go through the normal full restore process using the backup set on the first (most recent) hard drive and using a snapshot date of 3/18/2012, and selecting the C: drive as the destination, Retrospect initially looks like it is working. After just a minute or so however, it stops and asks: Please select the backup set member: Name: 1-PowerSpec on Seagate I don’t have any idea why it is asking this. When I try to point it to either the first hard drive’s backup files or folder or even the second backup drive’s it never recognizes the files or backup folder and I never get the “OK” button to select. If I then select the “Choices” button and try and manually find the folder or files, it gives me the following error: This file is corrupted or does not belong to this backup set. Obviously, neither of these error statements is correct. If I select “Backup set is missing…continue” it listens and appears to continue but then fails upon reboot (Missing NTLDR) because obviously, it didn’t install all the files properly. Could the fact that I’m using ver 7.0 instead of ver 7.6 have something to do with this? Thanks!