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    Restoring files and folders

    Russ: I think I am understanding a little now, but my question is this: If I have done a System Recovery (which I have had to do a couple of times) then do I still have to go through the process of installing missing programs, etc or can I use my backup to install everything that was working on a specific time and date? That is what I basically want, but need to know the easiset way to go about it, should I have to do another recovery or buy a new computer and transfer programs etc from my backup to the new computer....(I realize that if and when I upg to Windows 7, that a lot of the programs I have now, I will have no need for, but for instance I would like to retain most of the things I have put into "My Documents" Does that make a little more sense? Lee
  2. leewilliams

    Restoring files and folders

    [color:orange][/color] Russ............Can I restore my backup to a folder (within my computer) and later restore piece by piece from the folder? I guess, I was just being alarmed, because I thought the backup was just backing up new or changed files and it seemed like too much was being backed up... Lee
  3. leewilliams

    Restoring files and folders

    [color:orange][/color] :confused: Russ. I have so many files in my backup, that it appears that too much is being backed up. My computer C: drive shows 42GB used but my backup size is 53GB.. Is that normal, or am I backing up too much? That is what has me confused. If I have to Recover, or Restore my computer I want to be able to use the backup if I can. What about ugrading to 7.7 and cleaning out and starting over? Lee
  4. leewilliams

    Restoring files and folders

    Is there one of the tutorials that covers restoriing better than the others? After listening to all three I am a little confused. I f I upgraded to Retrospect 7.7 would the task be easier? lee
  5. leewilliams

    Restoring files and folders

    My computer is running o.k. but slow now and I wanted to try restoring the essentials, but wonder if there is a particular tutorial that would be helpful for me in the process of restoring. I have listed to the three Retrospect Tutorials and am confused as to what direction to take..
  6. leewilliams

    Restoring files and folders

    :confused: [color:orange][/color]Is there a simple way or formula to use in restoring my computer? Do I need to restore folders or files one at a time. The tutorials have me a little confused on how to go about it. Lee
  7. leewilliams

    Upgrade..7.6 to ??

    I would like to upgrade 7.6 and get some help on how to restore files, etc, etc...