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  1. I would like to split up an old storage set, covering a a couple of years, into smaller sets, each covering one year. Each new set should be self contained, i.e. it should contain all versions of all files modified during that particular year plus one version of all other, older files. Can I specify those criteria using the selection dialog for storage set to storage set copy? Im using Retrospect Mac 2.1 (I know! Before suggesting a software upgrade, please see my explanation in an earlier thread :-) Thanks, Malte
  2. Whether I tried to verify, to update, or to repair the storage set, whether I used 2.0 or 2.1 - nothing terminated. Its either a bug or a damaged storage set. Luckily, I found out that I could read the complete contents of the storage set. So I created a new storage set and copied all data from the old storage set to the new one. The new storage set verifies just fine. So, even though I couldn't solve the termination mystery, I managed to save my backups. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for your suggestions! First, I guess I should explain my odd hardware and software setup. A number of years ago I came from a Macintosh dominated IT infrastructure into a purely Windows PC environment. Only for my private contact & time management, I'm still using Mac software, because there was no lossless path for moving the data from Mac to Windows. So I'm rather happily using a Macintosh emulator on my (Windows) notebook. But its only a 68k emulator, so I'm stuck with Mac OS 8.1 and legacy software versions. The PowerMac 8100 is just a machine from the basement that I reactivated for repairing the old storage set. As suggested, I installed Retrospect 2.1 for the catalog update/rebuild. Unfortenately, it behaves just the same as 2.0: After stepping through the files in the storage set within a couple of minutes, it does not terminate. I'd be happy to try some ResEdit magic, if somebody could point out what I might do. Also, I do have access to a PowerMac with Mac OS 9.1 on it. But I have to admit that I'm somewhat reluctant to buy Retrospect 6 just for running Retrospect 5 once - without even knowing if it will work. Is there a legal way to get something like a time limited test version of Retrospect 5 somewhere? Here is some additional information I collected: The total number of files in the storage set is 1683. And this is what the detail log says about the last successfull backup, the error message, my initial repair attempts, and the storage inconsistency: D Retrospect version 2.0i launch at 28.09.2008 18:59 Uhr + Normal Backup using Backup Malte at 28.09.2008 18:59 Uhr To StorageSet Backup Malte. - 28.09.2008 18:59:18 Uhr: Copying Malte 28.09.2008 19:00:02 Uhr: Comparing Malte 28.09.2008 19:00:16 Uhr: Execution completed successfully Completed: 2 files, 6.927 KB, with 49% compression Performance: 6,9 MB/minute (9,2 copy, 28,9 compare) Duration: 00:00:58 Quit at 28.09.2008 19:00 Uhr D Retrospect version 2.0i launch at 05.10.2008 18:45 Uhr + Normal Backup using Backup Malte at 05.10.2008 18:46 Uhr To StorageSet Backup Malte. - 05.10.2008 18:46:03 Uhr: Copying Malte Catalog out of sync with StorageSet "Backup Malte". Use Tools:Repair:Update Existing from the Directory window. 05.10.2008 18:51:30 Uhr: Execution incomplete Remaining: 2 files, 6.975 KB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0,0 MB/minute Duration: 00:02:49 D Retrospect version 2.0i launch at 05.10.2008 18:51 Uhr + Executing Recatalog at 05.10.2008 18:52 Uhr To StorageSet Backup Malte. 05.10.2008 19:15:15 Uhr: Execution stopped by operator Duration: 00:22:53 (00:00:02 idle/waiting/loading) + Executing Verify at 05.10.2008 19:15 Uhr To StorageSet Backup Malte. StorageSet format inconsistency (3 at 376107) StorageSet format inconsistency (3 at 541413) 05.10.2008 21:17:37 Uhr: Execution stopped by operator Completed: 1683 files, 780,1 MB Performance: 6,4 MB/minute Duration: 02:01:51 Quit at 05.10.2008 21:18 Uhr
  4. Hi, I've been running a legacy version of Retrospect (2.0i) on a legacy Mac (actually a Macintosh emulator for Windows with Mac OS 8.1) for years without a problem. The File StorageSet has grown to about 780 MB over the years. But something went wrong during the last backup. When I tried to backup again, I was adviced that the catalog was out of sync with the StorageSet and that I should use Tools:Repair:Update Existing from the Directory window. I tried that but after whipping through the files in the storage set, the dialog windows just showed two gears turning for a long time. So I finally cancelled the operation. I then copied the storage set and Retrospect to a real Mac (albeit just a 8100/10) and started the repair process once again. Unfortenately, with the same result: It took a couple of minutes to step through all the files in the storage set and has been showing the turning gears ever since. It's been at it for a couple of days now :-) What should I do? Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance, Malte