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    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Thanks, For some reason i didn't catch that documentation, but i have to disagree that ending a process is not necessarily an 'extremely messy' way of solving the problem, it resets the program and starts fresh. Although this could be extremely critical during a backup procedure and would most likely to result in corruption of any backup documents made by Retrospect, my scheduled tasks do not run along the side of the backup system. I have checked my firewalls and the system itself to verify full port access which has been granted, which obviously didn't work for reasons mentioned above. So for safe operation scheduled around the actual times of the backups, I see no critical services, registry keys, database files, and flat end files being written too when the program is simply waiting. Therefore have found no conclusive reason to not use the batch file to resolve this temporary issue. Although taking the packets by the hand and guiding them through is a consideration, for this less than stable program, it's uncomfortable at best.
  2. rich2600

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    here's a batch file to restart retrospect taskkill /F /IM Retrospect.exe /T taskkill /F /IM retrorun.exe /T "C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.6\Retrospect.exe" copy and save this, it'll restart.
  3. rich2600

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    'til they figure out how to make a patch for this issue, i found that i can open Retrospect after i go into task manager and close Retrospect.exe and retrorun.exe...