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  1. dmekalianappliedst.com

    V7.7.341 released, whats changed?

    Still no Exchange 2010 support, how much longer?
  2. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Exchange 2010 Disappeared

    I just installed 7.7.325 plus driver/hotfixes 7.2.100 for a client. They have Exchange 2010 on a 2008 R2 64 bit server. Before the update, the storage groups were visible, but unlicensed. (it showed that Exchange was installed on the server) I tried to licenses it, and when it refreshed, all that was displayed was drives C: and E:, but the grayed out unlicensed Exchange storage group and unlicensed mailbox reference have now disappeared. I removed the client and volumes, re-added the client, but only the hard drives appear, no reference to Exchange. I removed the client and volumes again, uninstalled the Retrospect client on the Exchange 2010 server, added the client, still just the drives, no Exchange. Any ideas? Exchange 2010 has been available since Nov 2009, and in beta for 6 months prior. What hasn't Retrospect come up to speed on this? Other vendors all have 2010 agents that work. It's getting harder to defend the product when updates are lacking support for products clients use. I had the same issue with SQL 2008 when running in 64 mode not recognizing the databases, keeps prompting for authentication when installed on Windows 2008 R2. The product is turning into a nightmare.
  3. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Retrospect 7.7.208 released

    The 7.7.208 release did resolve the assertion error/memory leaks we were having with several of our clients. When backing up large datasets (million or 2 files) the file matching used to take hours and consume over a GB of RAM. Now it rises to just over a 100MB of during the file matching, but drops down to 45 -50 MB during execution and stays there. Performance is faster also. The only other issue we have is backing up mailboxes on Exchange 2007. 7.7.208 didn't fix the mailbox backup "Trouble reading files, error -557 (transaction already complete)" Otherwise I'm happy with the product.
  4. dmekalianappliedst.com

    mailboxes failing to backup since 7.7 upgrade

    The release upgrade on 1-26-10 v7.7.208 didn't resolve the -557 error. I opened a case and will let you know what they come up with as a solution.
  5. dmekalianappliedst.com

    mailboxes failing to backup since 7.7 upgrade

    Having the same problem, error 557, it does seem to complete though. This was a brand new install of 7.7, not an upgrade. Going to try and restore and seem it happens on a restore.
  6. dmekalianappliedst.com

    pportExchange 2010

    I tried 7.7 with Ex2010, doesn't recongnize the storage groups. Here is an e-mail I got from them about Exchange 2010 support. From: Teater_Sxxxxxx@emc.com Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 4:43 PM Subject: re: Exchange 2010 support Hello, We will not have support for Exchange 2010 till mid year (June/July 2010). Development is currently in progress for the Exchange Server agent add-on (for Exchange 2010). Any questions let me know. Best regards, Stuart
  7. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Mailbox Backup Authentication

    I can see and backup the storage groups fine. Outlook is not installed on the Exchange server. When you highlight the mailboxes (in volumes)it keeps prompting for a login and does not accept the credentials. I did an install Friday, it worked fine. The only difference is this Exchange 2007 server was on Windows 2003 R2, not Windows 2008.
  8. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Mailbox Backup Authentication

    It shouldn't be this difficult to backup mailboxes (brick level). Everything worked fine with Exchange 2003. Now all our Exchange 2007 customers, since upgrading to v7.6.508 now 7.7.203 still get the pop up asking you to authenticate. I've read the article outlining step by step on configuring. I've created the RBU user account exactly as stated, installed CDO 1.2.1, rebooted. (yes I sent and received email to the mailbox, can login as the RBU user) RBU account is also the login on the service accounts on the backup server and client on the Exchange server. Used FQDN in the login as box. Done the IP6 thing, disabled IP6, edited the host file. Used MFCMapi.exe as Robin outlined, can access the mailbox fine. RPCping works fine. There is nothing mysterious here, not clustered servers, teamed NICs, virtualized, nothing. Other backup vendors software works on brick level effortlessly. I can't believe that it is isolated, (many posts on this issue) we have 8 customers with Retrospect, the Exchange 2003 worked fine, it's only the Exchange 2007 that doesn't work at a brick level. Of course, our customers want brick level. If anyone has a decent answer that works, please pass it on. I've gotten nowhere with tech support, they tend to indicate that it's a Microsoft issue, yet all the other backup vendors have seemed to resolve this.
  9. dmekalianappliedst.com

    MS SQL 2005/2008 Support?

    It was down the page a bit under recent bug fixes, you got me!
  10. dmekalianappliedst.com

    MS SQL 2005/2008 Support?

    Thanks, tested it and it does work. When I didn't see it in the readme of fixed issues I assumed it wasn't fixed. Thanks
  11. dmekalianappliedst.com

    MS SQL 2005/2008 Support?

    >>We have updated Retrospect for Windows to 7.6.123. etc When are you going to fix UIR in 7.6? I was told by tech support the next service release it would be fixed and this update didn't fix it. We have clients who purchased this option and are disappointed with the lack of interest in correcting this problem that should not have slipped by QA before relasing 7.6.
  12. dmekalianappliedst.com

    How can you remove a license?

    How can you remove a license? I want to remove a SQL agent from one server to assign it to another. Delete is greyed out when you right click on the license.
  13. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Topic Split: Empty Exchange Mailbox Volume

    Not sure if this is your problem. I had the issue where Retrospect would finish and say no Exchange volumes were found/empty. If you looked at the Exchange Server under volumes, it showed the storage groups. If you remove the Exchange Server under clients, then add it again, the storage groups are missing. I re-applied Windows SP2 on the Exchange server and it fixed it since some system files on the Exchange server were accidentally deleted. After the server reboots, in Retrospect, right click on the Exchange Server and select login as and it then the storage groups appear again.
  14. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Exchange 2003 Backup error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)

    Problem Solved. I re-applied Exchange 2003 SP2, didn't help. I re-applied Windows 2003 SP2, and it fixed it. The Storage Groups now appear and I can successfully back them up. After beating up my customer, I found out he ran a program called CleanUp! v4.52 (a freeware utility) on the server. It must have deleted a system file or critical file. When a customer tells you "I didn't do anything" don't believe him!
  15. dmekalianappliedst.com

    Exchange 2003 Backup error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)

    The names match. Again, this was all working fine for the past two years. My Computer Computer Name: EXCHANGE.domainxxxx.com Exchange System Manager Under Server name is EXCHANGE More information. When I logged into the Exchange server, I got this error. Retrospect Encountered a Problem and Needed to Close Error Signature szAppName: retfwset.exe szAppVer: szModName: retfwset.exe szModVer: offset: 00002f79 Seems to be the firewall reset program.