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  1. We are using Retrospect Single Server version 7.6.123 with driver update and hotfix version I haven't had many problems lately until now. Last night's backup indicates that the backup set member is corrupt or has data from another backup set. The backup is a NAS device. Nothing was backed up last night because the media request timed out after 20 minutes. I tried to recreate the catalog file and retrospect indicates that the disk does not contain any backup set data files. I can browse to the location of the backup set data files on my server (default location) I tried to groom the backup set and it times out after 20 minutes. I tried to restore a single file and the restore indicates it is succesful but the file is not restored even though I selected to always replace. Do I have any options other than reformatting the drive? Thank you.
  2. Does Retrospect Single Server edition 7.6 and/or 7.7 offer an addon for backing up Microsoft sharepoint like it does for exchange server? It would be nice so that I do not need to restore the entire sharepoint database when something is accidentally deleted. I wanted to check here prior to suggesting this to Retrospect. Thanks.
  3. I have two external hard drives that I rotate for offsite backups. I want them both to be assigned drive letter z. I have reformatted each drive separately and assigned both the drive letter z and then run a full backup. However, each time I remove one and connect the other, the connected drive becomes drive f. How can I force both drives to keep drive z? I'm running Retrospect version 7.6.123 with driver update and hot fix Backup Server is windows 2003 sp2.
  4. If I do not restart my server at least once a week, Retrospect will not display correctly from the server. Task manager shows that the program is running, however I can not access any of the menu items. I can still access the program through remote desktop, however. The server is a 2003 SBS with Service Pack 2. Retrospect 7.6.123 with Driver update and hot fix version Is there anything I can do to prevent this other than rebooting the server. I have a tough time rebooting once a week because our employees access the server early in the morning and late at night. I wonder if it has to do with my monitor or display adapter? I've checked for driver updates on both of these, and I'm running the newest availalbe. Although, the monitor is fairly old. Thanks,
  5. emilrummel

    Media request timed out

    Thanks, I guess it's time to buy some more external hard drives.
  6. I received the message below after my latest backup. I have my grooming policy set to remove backups older than 2. -1/24/2009 5:16:18 PM: Copying "Network Place" 1/24/2009 5:44:10 PM: Grooming Backup Set "Backup Set Name"...1/24/2009 5:48:11 PM: Groomed 2.2 GB from Backup Set "Backup Set Name". Media request for "Backup Set Name" timed out after waiting 0:20:001/24/2009 6:25:29 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 55211 files, 6.6 GBCompleted: 8544 files, 5.4 GBPerformance: 199.2 MB/minute Duration: 01:09:10 (00:41:30idle/loading/preparing) What can should I do to fix this? Thanks
  7. emilrummel

    error 1100 invalid handle

    Okay. I've locked the snapshots that I need. How do I correct the generated MD5 digest and the stored MD5 digest so that they match? Thanks,
  8. emilrummel

    error 1100 invalid handle

    I ran another rebuild of my catalog file this morning for the same back up set that I was receiving the error 1100 on. Below is the log file from this. +Executing Recatalog at 1/23/2009 9:48 AM(Execution unit 1)To Backup Set Offsite Backup 1... Generated MD5 digest for file "\\"filename" does not match stored MD5 digest. Generated MD5 digest for file "\\"file name" does not match stored MD5 digest. The locked preference on the Snapshots is not preserved after a recatalog. Please review the Snapshots in the Backup Set and make appropriate changes. 1/23/2009 11:12:33 AM: 2 execution errors Completed: 671507 files, 124.4 GB Performance: 1557.5 MB/minute Duration: 01:23:02 (00:01:17 idle/loading/preparing) The files that are not matching are different than the file I receive the error 1100 on. They are all within the same folder, but are different files. The log file says I should make the appropriate changes to my snapshots. I don't know what the appropriate changes are. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should change? Thanks,
  9. emilrummel

    error 1100 invalid handle

    Yes. I did a catalog rebuild yesterday morning prior to my most recent backup that gave me the error. The log message from my rebuild is below. +Executing Recatalog at 1/19/2009 8:27 AM (Execution unit 1)To Backup Set "backup name" The locked preference on the Snapshots is not preserved after a recatalog.Please review the Snapshots in the Backup Set and make appropriate changes./19/2009 9:41:07 AM: Execution completed successfullyCompleted: 669367 files, 120.0 GB Performance: 1716.9 MB/minuteDuration: 01:12:38 (00:01:06 idle/loading/preparing)
  10. I have one large file that is not being backed up. Below is the error message that is reported. - 1/19/2009 9:14:32 PM: Copying"Network Place on server name"File "\\"file name": can't read, error -1100 (invalid handle) 1/19/2009 9:45:40 PM: Snapshot stored, 50.2 MB 1/19/2009 9:45:48 PM: 1 execution errors Remaining: 1 files, 2.4 GB Completed: 372 files, 5.1 GB Performance: 344.9 MB/minute Duration: 00:31:16 (00:16:15 idle/loading/preparing) I have copied this file to another place on my network and it is backed up successfully. Also, the same file backs up successfully for my "Onsite backup". It does not run successfully for my "offsite backup" Both backups use external hard drives for the media. The only difference between the two is the storage capabilities. The onsite backup tape has much more storage. After the error message is reported the backup continues to run successfully without any further errors. Running SBS 2003 SP2 Retro version 7.6.123 single server license driver update and hot fix version
  11. emilrummel

    Removed a mailbox

    Thanks for the quick response. Does this seem like the correct steps: From Retro go to Automate, manage scripts, highlight script, click edit, click sources, highlight exchange mailboxes, select remove, exchange mailboxes, then select add, and instead of adding back the exchange mailboxes, add them on an individual basis. The person who I removed is still visible when I select add.
  12. I removed a mailbox from our exchange server, and now I get the message below each time I run our backup. The error indicates that if the mailbox has been removed that this is normal. Is it possible to prevent this message from appearing each time? I have already tried to release and re-add our exchange license but this did not prevent the message from appearing. The only other thing I can think of is the message is appearing because of our deleted items retention policy, and will go away after 30 days. 1/19/2009 12:50:33 PM: Copying "User Name" Retrospect error code error -3407 (unexpected provider error)Reported by function mlocScan Mailbox provider error. There is a problem connecting to the mailbox. Check:1. Microsoft Exchange may not be running. 2. The mailbox may not exist. If the mailbox has been deleted, this is normal. 3. The mailbox store for this mailbox may not be mounted. Check its status in the Exchange manager. Scanning incomplete, error -3407 (unexpected provider error) We are on version 7.6.123 of Retro with driver update and hot fix version Single Server license with Exchange Server add-on
  13. Have you already tried releasing and re-adding the exchange backup license for Retrospect? Also, just to give more info about my environment, we are running Retro 7.6.123 with the Driver update and Hot fix version The exchange server is SBS 2003 SP2
  14. Does anyone know what error 1100 (invalid handle) means? And how to go about fixing it? We're running single server version 7.6.123 with driver update and hot fix version Server is SBS 2003 SP2 Thanks,
  15. This happened to me today. I was logging in to my server remotely with an admin account. I set my security preferences in Retrospect to always run as my back up operator, but because I was logged in to the server with my admin account the individual mailboxes were missing. Thus they would not back up. I was able to correct the problem by logging in to the server remotely as my back up operator.