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  1. Okay, the solution is apt-get install libc6-i386 the entry: $CLIENTDIR/retroclient -ip in the rcl script can be deleted. Regards
  2. Thanks Scillonian, but if i change the startup script to "" i get this error netEnumInterfaces: error invalid ip address specified Regards Gunter
  3. Hi together, i have install a new Retrospect Client 9.5 on a Ubuntu x64 12.04 server. the server have two network cards and i start the rcl script with this option: CLIENTDIR=/usr/local/retrospect/client case $1 in start) $CLIENTDIR/retroclient -ip # $CLIENTDIR/retroclient & ;; stop) $CLIENTDIR/retrocpl -stop ;; status) $CLIENTDIR/retrocpl ;; *) echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|status}" ;; esac exit 0 But if i start the /etc/init.d/rcl start, i get this error: netEnumInterfaces: error invalid ip address specified What is wrong? Best regards gunter
  4. Thanks for you help, it is working. best regards gunter
  5. Okay, can you give me the command. My world is wiht a lot of colours :-)
  6. Not really. There is a Remote Supervisor Adapter with another IP-Adress.
  7. Hi together, i try to backup a Linux client (Linux Client Retrospect 7.5) from a Windows 2003 Server (Retrospect Multi Server 7.6). But i receive the error 541 (Backupclient is not installed or out of working). But the Linuxclient ist running and last week it was working properly. Since a reboot from Linux i can´t backup this on. Must i start a service? And when what must i start? Best regards gunter