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    updates and hotfixes? Won't connect

    Thanks, I guess not!
  2. joenashville

    updates and hotfixes? Won't connect

    Hi, long time user here. I think my retrospect is current - version 7.6123 w/ hotfix But, if choose help -> retrospect updates -> check now It says can't connect to update server. Unsure how to remedy. thanks!
  3. You're right. I had seen "Backup to Network Drive" tutorial where catalog files were stored with Backup-sets. On review, I see this was done because Backup Set was of type "file", and not because a NAS was involved. thanks!
  4. Hi, My backup sets reside on a network share. I recall something about storing the Catalog files there too -that I should do that. Is that true? Mine aren't. Should I fix this? Also, I don't see obvious method to accomplish this. Thoughts? Tips?
  5. Does Retro server need be a member of a subnet to broadcast on that subnet?
  6. joenashville

    Quotas - Backup Sets - File Vs Disk - Etc

    Lennart, I know /how/ view logs in Retrospect viewer. I was hoping to access logs as plain text files. Why? So I could parse logs (with my own scripts) to determine which clients use the most backup space. Why? Because it's useful. Retrospect doesn't provide this info that I can figure. Why? I don't know. But, log files /do/ contain client usage info. If logs were text, I could write scripts to parse out info. I need that info and it's point and click nightmare to get it now. Ultimately, solution is quotas on clients. A couple of careless clients use HUGE amounts of space. You CAN set quotas on individual backup sets. But, when fills up, next question is "Which clients are using all the space?"
  7. joenashville

    Quotas - Backup Sets - File Vs Disk - Etc

    Thanks! Yes, new NAS is offsite w/ fiber link. Yo! Old NAS is dying. Replace n mirror them some point. File vs Disk? No more File Backup Sets. Got it. Log files? Thought about writing scripts to whack'em up for this purpose. Haven't got past thinking stage though Sure wish Roxio would release an API library.
  8. Hi, win7.6+ user here. Are size-limits on backup-sets my only quota mechanism? It's crazy-big scientific data here and many clients. Grooming is big, but for quotas: I create one backup set for each logical group of clients, and put a size limit on each set. When group hits limit, Retro asks for new disk. Great! I'll allocate more space. But, I'd like to troubleshoot the usage too. Are clients hogging space? Which clients? Volumes? Folders? It's not easy to figure. I browse snapshots, clients, volumes AND must right-click-menu->properties AND take notes. It's tedious. Something I'm missing here? I hope so. I want relative size of clients, then their volumes, then their folders, etc. Also: What's logical diff between Disk and File sets? I mean, they're virtual, no? I can create many of either on NAS drive. When, why use one over other? I don't use any tape, just NAS. Also, what's reasoning for storing catalog-files with File-sets on a NAS, but not so for Disk-sets? I saw it in tutorial. Thanks for any assist and help!
  9. joenashville

    Multiple vs single snapshot puzzle.

    A forum user, AndrewA, solved this for me in another post. Solution: Retro doesn't display but one snapshot for backup sets that aren't groomed. Hit the "Add" button to see all snapshots.
  10. joenashville

    Snapshot behavior w/out grooming

    Dang, who'd a thunk!? Thanks AndrewA! Retro is rife with usability issues like this. I hope Roxio straightens it out.
  11. joenashville

    Multiple vs single snapshot puzzle.

    Hi, All my backup sets are to disk media with size limits. Most sets contain multiple snapshots -perfect! I can go back in time etc. But, one or two sets puzzle me. They contain only ONE snapshot that gets updated each session. How come not a snapshot for each session? There should be plenty of space for more snapshots. My grooming options? Puzzling too is there is no "ask for new disk" option in a set's properties. Yet it is an option when creating a new set. Where did that option go? Anybody seen this? Figured it out?
  12. joenashville

    Snapshot behavior w/out grooming

    Hi, I've got a lot of backup sets -just files on a single disk array. I've noticed that some sets have only one snapshot -but sessions everyday. Are those where I didn't set any grooming? Or, why only one snapshot? Thanks.
  13. joenashville

    Restore files w/out the extra path folder creation?

    Good enough! Thanks. Just didn't know if I could do it or not.
  14. Hi, Thanks for any help. I searched before posting! Say I want to restore contents of FolderA into FolderB on a different client. I'm just moving files, really. The source dir structure is: / folderA / file.txt On restore, I get this: / folderB / FolderA / file.txt I've tried several ways, but can't seem to unpack straight into folderB. Ideas? Yes, folderB and folderA could have different names .. or perhaps their parent folders do. Ideas?