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  1. Very strange. The only other possible session it could be running in would be the console session. Start > Run > mstsc /CONSOLE or just simply hook a monitor to that system and see if it's running there. I'm out of ideas so I'll leave it to Mayoff.
  2. Why does Retrospect not truncate the log when performing a full MSSQL backup? This is pretty standard and is the default in which the local sql agent operates. Is this by design? If so, how can I make the log truncate kick off immediately after performing a full backup? I know the obvious is to schedule a log truncate job right after the Full backup, but that proves tricky since the backups run at a variable duration. Thanks!
  3. Sburk

    -1004 (database backup/restore error)

    Welp. I'm trying to defend Retrospect but I'm getting heat from the higher ups that we may need to pursue other options, especially for our SQL backups. Nobody has an idea of what this problem could possibly be caused by?
  4. Try logging into 2 RDP sessions simultaneously of the user running retrospect. Do you see it in either session?
  5. Yeah, I'm assuming you're using Remote Desktop. It must be running under a different session. Try logging into that session and you should see Retrospect running.
  6. Thanks for all your help guys. This happened for 4 weeks straight. Then it magically resolved itself. What the heck? I verified that nothing was changing in the databases throwing the errors during the entire backup/verification pass. I have no idea what could've caused this. Could it have been from a bad retrospect grooming script or something?
  7. I looked in the product announcement section of this forum. There was a broken link there: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=9729&p=2 Where are the 7.7 release notes? Thanks!
  8. Sburk

    -1004 (database backup/restore error)

    Does anyone have a solution for this? At this point I cannot use Retrospect to backup the databases on this server. I am having to use the SQL Agent directly. Which is a huge hassle. It also makes me nervous if it were to happen on additional servers in the future. Thanks!
  9. Sburk

    Cannot launch Retrospect

    I am running Retrospect 7.6 Launching from retrospect.exe didn't work. Retrospect process was not running in the task manager. I restarted the Retrospect Launcher Service and it worked just fine. Strange thing is that even after a reboot, this was still occurring. Had to manually stop and start the service. Thanks much!
  10. Sburk

    -1004 (database backup/restore error)

    Steve, I am also getting the same error and need help. In my case, I have a named instance on the server. Are you using the default SQL instance or a named instance? I seem to be able to backup databases fine on the problem server. When I go to restore, I get the same error you have. I have tried restoring a database that is stored on the problem server. I have also tried restoring a database from an entirely different server to the problem server. Same result. I'm running Retrospect 7.6. I have several database servers. This is the only one I have issues with, and it is the only one with a named instance. Ideas anyone??!
  11. I cannot launch retrospect. I run retrospect.exe and nothing happens. Nothing reported in Application or System log either. It appears that backups are still happening in some capacity in the background. Has anyone run into this? My Server is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard.
  12. Still getting MD5 mismatches. This is now occuring in the differential backup script as well.
  13. This particular backup script is not encrypted. I will attempt to backup one of the problem databases. I can't run the entire script because it's way to large to place on local storage. I'll report back with what I find. Thanks.
  14. Any ideas? The errors make me very nervous. What is strange is that I have a differential script that is exactly the same as the full backup script. Points to the same backup sets and everything. The backup sets are NAS devices. The differential script completes with 0 errors.
  15. I tried your suggestions and still no joy. Excuse my ignorance, but when I run the "check selector" tool, it appears to just pull up an entire list of the entire source drive. I drill down to find a .mdf or a .ldf and both are still selected. Is this expected??