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  1. Found it. Is this the information you're looking for: OS: Windows Vista version 6.0 (build 6002), Service Pack 2, (64 bit) Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.7\Retrospect.exe, version 7.7.341 Exception occurred on 9/16/2010 at 3:34:25 PM Error info: Assertion failure at "mapiproxy.cpp-1432" Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION Fault address: 772A76FD 0001:000166FD kernel32.dll
  2. I'm not sure. It says it logs an error to assert_log, but I'm not sure what path to find that file at.
  3. We've got an SBS 2008 server and we're running REtrospect 7.7 on it. We are backing up mailboxes and that's where we run into issues. All mailboxes back up with no issues except for one user. If the mailbox container is selected, Retrospect crashes when it starts copying data from this one user's mailbox. When this mailbox is selected individually, Retrospect crashes when it tries to back up the mailbox. All other mailboxes on the server back up with no issues either when they're backing up on their own or as part of the container. Any ideas why?
  4. Long story short, I had a computer on a domain that got infected with a virus. I did my best to get rid of the virus, but it came back a few days later. So I decided to wipe/reformat and then do a restore from Retrospect from a backup I had from before the infection. I've done this several times before in similar situations. So I accessed the restore partition and restored the computer completely. Then I installed the Retrospect client from the network, got on to the server and initiated the restore. The restore restored all the files/folders from before, but didn't restore the system state. I rebooted the workstation and ran the restore again, telling it to just restore the system state and not restore any files. Two hours later it was still running. I figured it had hung so I rebooted the client again and figured I'd just scrap the restore idea and re-install all the programs and join the computer to the domain myself. Nothing would install to the computer and it appeared that the registry was completely messed up. It was as if it had partially restored. I figured that snapshot I was trying to restore was corrupt so I did another restore from another snapshot and now I get the error "State information not restored, can't access Snapshot." I get this no matter what snapshot I use. If I tell it to replace all the files, it will replace all the files and takes 4-5 minutes. It still gives me that error when it tries to restore the snapshot. What is going on here? Is the problem with the client or the backup snapshot? Or something else? Do I need to wipe this computer again?
  5. pchinn

    Proactive backup not working right with 7.7

    In 7.6, that was the behavior. Retrospect would show the offline media in "media" status. In 7.7, this does not happen and Retrospect prompts the user for media.
  6. I've noticed that 7.7 tries to run all of our proactive scripts regardless of whether the destination disk is present or not. On 7.6. We had a set up where we were backing up a server using several proactive scripts. We had scripts like Exchange to Set1, Exchange to Set2, SQL to Set 1, SQL to Set2, Server System drives to Set1, etc....... This system worked great. If Set1 was in the server then the backup scripts to Set2 didn't even try to run as they recognized that Set2 was not there. We could easily go in the next morning and look at the scripts that ran vs the scripts that were supposed to run and get a good idea of whether backup ran the night before. We tried this system with 7.7. It's not working. Retrospect's proactive scripts don't seem to care whether the drive is in the server or not. They will try to backup to it. So, we look at the logs in the morning and we see that scripts to set1 ran fine, but we see errors to set2 that the scripts terminated at the stop time. If we tweak the proactive scripts so that they run when we can monitor them, we get a prompt asking us for media for Set2. This shouldn't happen. The proactive scripts for Set2 should simply search for Set2 and if it's not on-line, they don't run or am I misunderstanding something. This is how 7.6 behaved.
  7. Typically, I just scan the logs to see if the scripts run. Today I was bored so I spent more time digging through the logs. I saw the typical errors that I normally see, but then I noticed errors in my Exchange backup that indicated my Exchange backup hadn't worked last night. After digging through the rest of the logs, I determined I've been having this same issue for the past 3 months. I have no clue what is causing this error, but here is the error from the logs: HrESEBackupReadFile -- Error returned from an ESE function call (-613). MapError: unknown Windows error -613 TWDBExchangeServer2000Base::BackupRead: HrESEBackupReadFile failed, winerr -613, error -1004 File "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (TSI001)": can't read, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error) HrESEBackupOpenFile(0c7ff0fa4) -- Functions called in an invalid sequence. File "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (TSI001)": can't read, error -3662 (Functions called in an invalid sequence) HrESEBackupOpenFile(0c7ff0fa4) -- Functions called in an invalid sequence. File "First Storage Group\zzz LOG": can't read, error -3662 (Functions called in an invalid sequence) 9/29/2009 9:36:57 AM: 3 execution errors Remaining: 3 files, 11.5 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:06:54 (00:03:28 idle/loading/preparing) I'm running Retrospect Small Business 7.6.123.
  8. I've run into this issue at least 3-4 times in the last 2 weeks or so. Retrospect starts and acts as if it's never been configured. Sometimes I can go into Documents and Settings >> All users >> Application Data >> Retrospect and restore the config.bak file. Sometimes someone has already closed Retrospect and I can't. I generally use a demo license of Retrospect just to get past the initial configuration wizard and restore a backup of the configuration file. I'm wondering why I'm seeing this problem all of a sudden. I have seen it once or twice before in the previous year and a half, but now I've seen it more in the last two weeks than I ever have before. We're running 7.6.123.
  9. Can I assume that the matching option in Retrospect along with the "Don't backup files already on the set" option is Retrospects way of doing incremental backup? If this is not the case, what does matching do exactly?
  10. We back up to disks. We have two hot-swappable disks that we use. Our policy is to let Retrospect groom automatically according to it's defined policy. We use 1.5 tb drives so we have 3 tb of backup data laying around. Generally speaking if we have to wipe a disk it's a disk full of older backups.
  11. Long story short, one our clients had a major fire that did half a million in damage to their building and seriously hurt their servers. All but one of the servers would come back up after some cajoling (we're virtualizing them after we get some new hardware) but one would not. Fortunately, we had a backup of this server and restored it to another server. We just wanted it running long enough that we can get a snapshot and virtualize it. When we booted it up, we got several errors that services were not running. As we examined the event logs we discovered that IIS was not running because inetinfo.exe was not there and that SQL was not running because sqlserver.exe did not exist on this box. Both of these (particularly SQL) are extremely valuable services for this box. We checked the snapshot we restored from only to discover that these files were missing from the snapshot. Older snapshots had these files, although some did not. We have Retrospect configured to do a full backup of everything every night. Why are these files missing from our snapshot? Fortunately in our case we were able to restore them from older backups and get the services we needed up and running, but it makes us wonder what other files we may be missing and may not be aware of yet. What would cause Retrospect to do this?
  12. Just an update on this. I've run into this problem with three different clients since my first post. One is running Exchange 2007 and the others are running 2003. One of the clients is running an older version of Retrospect 7.6. I was able to resolve the problem with one client by adding all the mailboxes to the script individually and forcing the script to run. Once that happened it successfully backed up the mailbox group. I don't have any idea what is causing this though and would appreciate any help.
  13. pchinn

    I have no idea

    Looks like it never ran. Are you doing proactive backups or scheduled backups?
  14. pchinn

    Retrospect Monitor

    The retrospect monitor is what you see when Retrospect is running in another session. Usually it's a case of it running in the console session while you're logged on to the terminal session or vice versa.
  15. Not sure of the Ram on the server right now. The catalog files are being saved to the D drive which has 50% free space (more or less). I'm puzzled why Exchange backs up with no problems but the server hard drives don't.