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  1. I am using a rotation of external drives for disk backup sets. I am going to eventually run out of room and I want to upgrade to a new set of drives. Question #1: Is migrating a disk backup set as easy as copying ALL files over to the new physical media? Question #2: Does anyone have any affordable recommendations for moving beyond my current setup using a rotation of drives for every day of the week? Thanks, MW
  2. bcssomadude

    Exchange 2010 Support

    I actually want to hear this answer. What else is out there?
  3. bcssomadude

    Exchange Mailboxes Error -3420

    Thanks for the update and the post.
  4. This problem has been happening for over a year now, every time the script runs. I have never mentioned it because I've just been happy with Retrospect in general, but now I'm going for perfection. I have a user with two "bad" calendar items that have never, and I believe, will never backup correctly. I have attached a sreenshot. Is there any way to determine which calendar items these could be? I would love to just tell the user to delete these items (they MUST be old by now, LOL) so the backup can finish with no errors? Thanks,
  5. bcssomadude

    Error -557 Transaction already complete

    Hey Noel, Just tried differential backups the past two nights on the Exchange storage groups. Got the -557 error. I confirmed with tech support that this is a known bug and there is not a known workaround. I myself am going to stick with normal backups, which, as I stated before, just began working as expected with the latest driver/hotfix update.
  6. bcssomadude

    Error -557 Transaction already complete

    I have just recently gotten Exchange mailbox backups and restores working seemlessly. I have the same setup you do, see my post earlier in this thread. I abandoned differential backup months ago, because I just wanted something to work. So now that Full Exchange backups, both storage group and brick-level are working, I will move forward with testing differential again. I probably won't get to this until mid- to late- May. You may not want to hear this, but I have found the (roughly) $250 I spent on the ASM license for tech support and software upgrades was well worth the money. I plan to renew this when it is time. If I were you, I'd grab the ASM through a re-seller (I use CDW-G) and then call Retrospect tech support as often as you want until you iron out every issue and potential bug you see. That is what I did. I will do what I can to test differential backups ASAP to see if I can be of any help to you and your situation. But don't hold your breath.
  7. bcssomadude

    Backup client reserved Error -505

    Why couldn't you? Or did you mean you were not allowed to restart it? Clearly he means it's not practical to reboot an SQL server during peak business hours...
  8. bcssomadude

    Error -557 Transaction already complete

    To follow-up, I have yet to receive this error, since updating to 325.
  9. bcssomadude

    Looking Good

    I promised an update, but I've been runnning into problems unrelated to Retrospect. Will follow-up when I have good data. So far, I can tell you it is backing up the boxes individually, but it is also crashing. I don't think this is Retrospect's fault. I genuinely think I have memory limitations (1 GB) and too many programs running at night. I hypothesize Until next time...
  10. bcssomadude

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    Thanks for the info. I missed that. I was able to locate article #9577 in the KB which said as much as early as 2006.
  11. bcssomadude

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    Yeah, I got the e-mail about the update within 30 minutes of posting that. See my post in the Exchange support forum, but so far 325 has done the job.
  12. bcssomadude

    Looking Good

    For the first time since I installed Retrospect 7.6 in November of 2008, an automated Exchange mailbox script ran successfully. I downloaded and installed 7.7.325. I also had to re-install the client on the Exchange server for some reason. I was getting -505 errors about the client being reserved. Re-install of client fixed that. (Those errors existed prior to install of 7.7.325 - don't blame .325 for that error) Anyway, I'm not going to celebrate just yet. While this is a landmark achievement for or organization as it relates to Retrospect, I will report back when I get a full week of good Exchange mailbox backups, and then again at a month. So far, it's looking good, guys. And while I, in particular, wasn't bothered by the slow matching, I do appreciate that it doesn't take a lifetime to restore a file anymore.
  13. bcssomadude

    ok - so who has tried 7.7 build 325?

    I will be trying the build distributed to me, but you need to keep in mind, the builds that are given to each customer are based on that customer's setup. It's not logically correct to judge the success of the build on the problems of one tailored setup. We really shouldn't judge until the Retrospect team releases the patch they are ready to formally support, anwyay. To contract, 7.7 is fair game to criticize, since it is supposed to be a finished working product.
  14. I am still seeing several people hammer out things while including the 32-bit vs. 64-bit environments in the conversations. The fact is, Exchange Server 2007 requires 64-bit Server. To say that you support Microsoft Exchange 2007 is to say that you support Windows Server 64-bit, no? Is it possible to support Exchange 2007, and yet not officially support 64-bit versions of Windows Server?
  15. When you setup a new backup set or member, or if you view a member's properties, you can see the disk usage configuration. It goes something like this: Use at most XX GB or XX percent. Now, each percentile contains different ranges of disk space, thanks to rounding. Do I make sense so far? Here's my fun question: Which one takes precedence? And is there a precedent even coded in? If I type in 12 GB, the program automatically generates 1%. However, If I type on 1 percent, the program generates 9 GB. I want 12 GB. So if I leave 12 GB as the last entry I typed in, does the program take that information over the 1 still entered in the percentile field? It doesn't go back and change it back to 9 GB later because of the percentile, does it? I hope that made sense. I really need clarification on this issue and I thank you for your help in advance.