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    External scripts

    Thanks Scillonian, I do not know why I didn't see that earlier.
  2. I had issues with this, but cannot remember the exact error message. However I did fix the problem by logging on as an admin user before running Retrospect, rather than running Retrospect from a normal user account and then entering the admin password when requested.
  3. David.Waller

    External scripts

    Hello, I wish to try out some external scripts to map drives before the backup starts (as for some reason Retrospect does not always find my networked drives). I have got the system to successful call an external script, however it currently gets called for every event which is of little use. I have looked around for the example scripts that the manual claims should have been installed but cannot find them. Has anybody any sample scripts (any language will do), or do they know where I can find some. Thanks for your time. Dave
  4. David.Waller

    Media Unavailable - NAS disk backup

    Very interesting. I have had the same problem with a Netgear SC101 (a SAN box). Retrospect used to work under 7.5. While under 7.6 it will backup the first time, but on the next backup, it can't find the media, even though it is there and it can see it, it just doesn't recognise it.