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  1. The 'unhide' fix worked for me too (Sept 2010, Win Retrospect 7.6 serverside, Windows SBS2003 server (integrated Exchange 2003). Who'd have thought that wanting to hide the Administrator a/c from the Global Address List in windows would have the side-effect of kneeing retrospect mailbox backups in the soft parts! All you need do is unhide your Retrospect Exchange login a/c (make visible in online address lists), wait a few mins for Exchange/Active Directory to do their thing, then in Retrospect server just goto Volumes and rightmouse to reconfigure the "Login As" details (on your Exchange Mailboxes Volume) and save the details - possibly repeat a few times, and soon the login box should vanish silently (ie happy login), and soon the individual mailboxes for all users should reappear as known mailboxes to be backed up. For washup, you could manually force your mailbox backup job to run, so as to immediately catchup on all the mailbox backups that failed since you last tried to hide your aforementioned account from your windows address lists ;-)
  2. alanh

    UIR Error

    All good things to those who wait (6 months). I have installed the latest release of Retrospect on windows 7.6.123 and UIR is working. Initially i just read the 'whats new', saw that the UIR problem was fixed, installed the server update and excitedly went to test it, but "it" still didn't work. I then went into Preferences->Clients->UserRestore and hit the 'Install UIR' button to see what would happen. It told me that an older version of UIR existed on my server (true - i'd forgotten it was an installable option) and then i manually de-installed the server App for 'Retrospect UIR' using Windows Control panel (Add/Remove Software). Then, with no UIR module on my server, i went back to the server's Retrospect GUI and clicked on the 'Install UIR' button (as mentioned above) and this time it refreshed my IIS "/myrestore" components and said all was well. I ran over to a client computer and went into our intranet "/myrestore" and it took a good few seconds to handshake with the Retrospect server (ie a good sign rather than the previous 'Retrospect is too busy for UIR' page, and then I found that my client snapshots were once again available for client-initiated restoration. Hoorah! So, i thought i'd write up how i got the new UIR patch working, in case anyone else simply installed the main 'retro server' update thinking that was enough to get the UIR show back on the road. Thanks Retrospect.
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    UIR Error

    Robin - thank you all so much for your responsiveness today - good job. I will be happy to verify a Release Candidate if you need a tester.
  4. alanh

    UIR Error

    I would like to add my vote for getting it fixed asap, as it is a major feature for my users. Thanks.
  5. Robin - any update as to the fix for this? My users are missing this feature. Thanks.