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    Unable to Restore Database

    Mayoff, No, I was locating the database in my backup set snapshot and trying to restore from there, similar to my file backups. It's been so long since I've used the "Restore" option on the menu that I forgot it was there. However, "Restore>Databases" worked like a charm. As usual, I was so involved with what I was doing that I missed the obvious. Thanks.
  2. daniel1113

    Unable to Restore Database

    Mayoff, I am able to access the databases on the new Sql Server through Retrospect. However, I cannot even initiate the restore process to select the new destination. I assume that is one of the options presented in Retrospect when I select select the "retrieve" button, but the entire "retrieve" button is grayed out.
  3. daniel1113

    Unable to Restore Database

    I have a full backup of a database that was hosted on a client machine. This past week, the client machine died, so I need to restore the database to another server. I released my Sql Server Agent license and applied it to a new install of MsSql on another client machine. However, when I traverse into my backup set and select the database to restore, the "retrieve" button is inactive. Any thoughts?