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  1. Here's my situation: I work for myself out of a home office. When I'm home, I work on a desktop computer, and when I'm on the road I work on my laptop. I've got a really simplistic wifi network in the office that my laptop uses to share files with the desktop. I'm imagining there are many users in my situation. Retrospect Professional works great for me in nearly every regard, except when it comes to keeping my laptop backed up. I run my backups off the desktop and have the laptop running the Retrospect client. I have to remember to keep the laptop running all night for it to get picked up by the nightly backup, and ignore the "backup client not found" error everyday that I don't. Or I have to take it out of the nightly batch and just remember to run it manually whenever the laptop is on the network. Both of these things I can live with, but it would be so much nicer to use the Proactive Backup feature and let Retrospect manage this for me. Yet it's just not worth a $235 dollar upgrade to Server Edition for a one man shop like mine, expecially when I have those alternative solutions available, hassling as they may be, and considering Professional is so otherwise well equipped for my needs. So, I'd suggest you offer Proactive Backup as a single feature add-on for Retrospect Professional users at a much more moderate price, somthing in the $25-50 range. I'd leap at that, and I think it would make Retrospect seem like a more complete solution for the home office market.