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  1. Retrospect 6.1.138 PowerMac G5 Backing up multiple clients on one LAN to FTP servers on another. I was seeing significant bleeding of traffic across all interfaces on my switch during backups so I decided to add another NIC into the Retrospect Server and place it and my FTP servers on a separate LAN. I am having trouble accessing the FTP servers through Retrospect on the Retrospect Server. When I try to query the directories I receive the following error: Error: Scanning incomplete, error -120 (folder not found). I can ftp to the servers from Terminal, I can ping them and contact them through http. When I disable the primary NIC, Retrospect can access the FTP servers with no issues (but of course then it can't see the backup clients). I have tried switching the interface priority order. I have not enabled IP forwarding ( as that will probably defeat the whole purpose of separating the traffic in the first place). I need to figure out how to either stop Retrospect from chattering to all the interfaces on my LAN during backups or help Retrospect traverse the two NICs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My apologies if this is a common problem (I searched the previous posts and couldn't find anything relevant). cheers, -elsweeno