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    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Any progress on this? A registry setting we can change perhaps to line up the port numbers in the two programs? I still get into weird situations sometimes where Retrospect needs something or is hung and I can't interact with it and can't shut it down (since it is not visible and monitor does not talk to it). It does not happen often but depending on Vista to provide the "A program is requesting input" dialog is not very workable at times.
  2. awalford

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    That screen shot is exactly what ours looks like too (but running under Vista). There is no backup shown. In our case we have only one account on the machine (with admin rights). We use 'run as specified user' but that account is the same as the logged in account. This morning we had a more difficult case because there was a warning message about media not found but that message was hidden naturally. The Activity Monitor comes up blank as usual and the kill button (the circle with small vertical bar in center) just brings up another Activity Monitor screen when clicked. There was also no message from Vista about a process wanting to display messages. I had to kill the Retrospect process with Task Manager. And as I mentioned before I disabled the Windows Firewall without any improvement. I don't know what else to check on .net and machine has been restarted many times.
  3. awalford

    Vista , 7.6 and Activity Monitor

    Yes computer has been restarted. This is pretty much a virgin Vista machine. I can't imagine .Net not being installed properly. I did run some .Net config wizards but nothing obviously wrong. Do you have any suggestions for what to look at. Only the standard Vista Windows Firewall is running (no other AV, Firewall or other app). So I disabled the Windows Firwall as a test and tried Retrospect Activity Monitor again. Same behaviour - does not show the backup running in background.
  4. Has anyone had success with the Retrospect Activity Monitor? We have Retrospect 7.6 (Single Server) running under Vista. When backups automatically launch the UI does not appear even if account is logged in (server has only one account so I would guess Retrospect's running account and logged-in account are the same?). When you ask to run Retrospect (from icon or Start menu) while it is running the background (auto started), the new Retrospect Activity Monitor window opens. But in my case the window remains blank. It does not show the background activity (even after a wait). Does the Activity Monitor work? Is it supposed to work in this scenario? And even if you have only one account, and it is logged in, why under Vista is the UI still hidden when automatic backups start?