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  1. Thanks everyone for your help! It turns out what I needed to do was to get Retrospect to recognise the increased disk capacity by opening up the Property panel of the Members tab of the backup set I wanted to resize, and then pointing to the backup data folder location again. Once this was done, Retrospect knew the new size of the disk, and everything went as expected. Thanks again.
  2. I have just added an addtional 3TB capacity to my backup server's RAID array, and would like to use the extra capacity to increase the size of my client PC disk backup set. Unfortunately because retrospect only recognises the size of the disk from when the backup set was originally made, I don't see a way to increase the maximum size for this existing backup set even though the RAID array now has bags of space. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to delete the existing disk backup set and start with a new backup set afresh? I would rather not do this as there is a lot of backed up data already there. Any help would be much appreciated! (I'm using Retrospect Multi-Server (64 bit).
  3. alexkorenori

    How I Added Cloud Backup Capability to Retrospect

    I've found that I'm incurring unexpectedly high "data transfer" charges from my retrospect backups to Amazon s3. I originally thought that it was because I did a rebuild catalog from the cloud backupset on s3, but looking at the Billing & Cost Management>Cost Explorer>Custom View (by day) on AWS, it looks as though I incur data transfer charges during normal backups too. Perhaps it's because I have the option for "Thorough verification on" in my S3 backup script. Perhaps what I need to do is to do a staged backup first to local NAS (with thorough verification on) and then from there to S3 (with thorough verification off). Bit scary though, since there's no guarantee that the backupset on s3 will be a perfect copy of the one on the NAS. Are you or anyone else doing Retrospect cloud backups to s3 experiencing high data transfer charges?
  4. alexkorenori

    How I Added Cloud Backup Capability to Retrospect

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation of how to add Amazon S3 backup capability to Retrospect! I followed your method to the letter and I too now have my home PC backing up via TNTDrive to my personal AWS account. I had tried other cloud storage vendors via Webdav but this never really worked for me mainly because of the slow upload speeds caused by the distant locations of the cloud vendor's servers. With Amazon, I am able to select a server near my location so upload speeds are pretty good even via the VDSL broadband connection that I have in my apartment. Since this worked so well, I have now signed up for an AWS account at my work place, and am going to do some trials with backing up from my Retrospect Multi-Server 10 set up at work. Hopefully, the faster broadband connection at my work will let me get some good backup speeds compared to my home. Thanks again for the detailed how-to.
  5. alexkorenori

    Cannot get UIR to work - please help!

    It's working now. What I did subsequent to getting some help from EMC support was to set the ASP.NET version to v1.14322 on the ASP.NET panel in the properties for default website/myrestore, and then enable ASP.NET v1.4322 on the Web services extention panel.
  6. Could someone offer some advice to a newbie unable to get UIR to work? I have installed IIS 6.0 on the server and activated UIR from the Clients/User Restore preferences panel but when I point the browser at http://servername/myrestore I get the error -404 screen. Do I need to set the Web Services Extension to be able to see the User Restore pages? I am running Retrospect Multi Server version with driver update and hotfix version on a Windows Server 203 R2. Thank you for any suggestions! Alex
  7. alexkorenori

    How to back up Oracle database

    Thanks. I'll look into the command line interface.
  8. alexkorenori

    How to back up Oracle database

    Do you do the dump manually, or is there a way to automate the dump so that it is there waiting for Retrospect to back it up at its scheduled time? I know nothing about Oracle so I may be asking a really stupid question here but any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  9. alexkorenori

    How to back up Oracle database

    Thank you Robin for the information. I'm still reading through the manual so I'm not sure about the terminology... Is a "crash consistent state" the same as a backup? Also, my vendor tells me that I need to do a cold backup of Oracle rather than an open file backup. Is there going to be a difference in accuracy? Thanks for your help.
  10. Is there a good way to do a nightly unattended backup of an Oracle database using Restrospect? I am the system-administrator-by-default at a small company and am being told by our main vendor that for the Oracle server we really need to install Backup Exec which is apparently able to stop the Oracle services before backing up and restart it after. I would like if possible to use Retrospect for the Oracle server as well since I am planning to use it for our desktop pcs/macs, fileserver, ad server etc. Is it going to be too difficult to implement Oracle backup using Retrospect? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  11. Are there any forseeable problems to installing Retrospect Multi Server onto a Windows 2003 Server R2 which is being used as a domain controller? We are a small office with 40 Win Xp clients and if possible we'd like to have a server do double duty as both a Retrospect backup server and an Active Directory domain controller. If any of you are running a similar set up, or you think that this is a BAD IDEA, please let me know your thoughts!