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  1. A test script containing only Exclude Windows or path matches *.* +Windows path does NOT match *.lrcat Results in the correct exclusions almost.... a few files that do not match *.lrcat are still backed up. Modifying the full script which contains the exclusion line Windows or path contains d:\..... \* (which works) to Windows .. as above + windows path does *NOT* match pattern *.lrcat (inserted before the "or matching") does not work, files in the path with extensions other than .lrcat are now backed up. Ideas? Thanks. Richard James
  2. RichJ

    Error 1017 Problem

    Thanks, it went away when I killed a zombie process (MSI was trying to reinstall something that was already there....) Richard
  3. RichJ

    Error 1017 Problem

    >The error is coming directly from Windows and is not a Retrospect error. I would use the Event ID for the VSS error in your Windows event log to track down the cause of the failure. It may require checking with the MS Website for help on the event ID troubleshooting. I understand that the VSS msg is a Windows message not from Retrospect. However: before the system config restore I didn't get either message Now I get both, the time stamp shows they occur within 1-2 sec of each other (VSS first). I don't get the VSS message at any other time. It always occurs when Retrospect starts and I get it for all local drives being backed up.. I searched microsoft's website for vss 12289 (the ID of the message) and "device" (DeviceloControl is in the message text). I get nothing other than references to later versions of Windows or one to XP64 (I'm using XP 32 bit SP2) including "device" gets hits as noted, "DeviceloControl" get nothing. So, it seems to me either: The system config I restored is corrupt, or, Retrospect did not restore it properly, or something else has changed the system config?? Anyone have any ideas? Richard
  4. RichJ

    Error 1017 Problem

    Retrospect 7.0.326 update System Win XP SP2 Following a "System Configuration Restore" only (i.e. no files other than "System Config"). I get the following msg for each LOCAL volume I attempt to back up. Can't use Open File Backup option for WORK-06 D (D:), error -1017 (insufficient permissions) No retrospect settings have been changed, it applies to all volumes on all backups since that restore. (Restore was from a backups within 2-3 days prior to the restore - The history log shows...System configuration restored, please reboot the computer. - no information on which backup was used.) I note a VSS error msg accompanies each retrospect run starting. (Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error DeviceIoControl). Is there a simple fix for this? Richard