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  1. arigato! for your reply We tried as you suggested, moving catalogs to another drive. Unfortunately, no change ... repairing the catalog still does not work. And map errors still continue. This combined Map error/out of sync message seems to occur when a DVD-RW is more than about 70% full, and backup operations finish and do not resume for more than a day. During a partial backup, getting to the same point on the disk, and continuing within the same hour or perhaps same day, then there is no problem. This is odd, so therefore maybe just a diagnostic misperception. We gave the machine a lookover, and nothing obvious out of the ordinary. We are still of course fearful for the backup. ???? any further analysis or advice would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. sorry, meant we turned off Norton!
  3. we started to have this problem a bit ago, after things running well for a while.... on shutdown of the backup, the log shows this error: MapError: unknown Windows error 1,104 TVolGetInfo: UGetVolumeInformation failed, K:\, winerr 1104, error -1001 when the DVD-RW backup media disk gets about 3/4 full, multiples of the above error appear in the startup log [10 or more times], and then the error: Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set "LT1_I_4-03". the repair catalogue function has no effect, the only thing to do is to skip the media and go on to the next one. REbuilding the catalog doesn't stop the problem as well, it can happen on the next disk. There doesn't seem to be a problem with verification... i did a test restore... obviously I can't double check after each backup? What is your sense... is this a conflict [turned off Dantz, no effect], an OS problem, or a hardware problem... or a Dantz problem? More importantly, is there any danger to the backups? thanks
  4. waxweb

    why slow; why multicast?

    thank you for the reply. it has a single NIC, and a fixed IP address. It is connected to a Netgear Fast Switch. It has a software firewall, which I did set to pass Retrospect.
  5. waxweb

    why slow; why multicast?

    or is it just me Mac Retrospect on a 6100/60, backing up across a Ethernet 10m connection, logs at 25megs a minute write, 50 megs a minute read. Windows Retrospect, on a 1.4 gig Athlon, no other processes, backing up a local drive to an internal cdr, gives me exactly the same rate. I have a switch, not a router, yet multicasting does not work... the demo won't recognize my existing Mac clients... though I can click the advanced networking tab and test they are there using their specific local IP#'s [local network, yes]. Nothing in between the $89 and the $600 models of the software. Are these fixable problems? I was going to buy this software, but with these problems, no chance. David
  6. um... I didn't say or suspect that Retrospect was changing the file dates I did ask why this is fixed on HFS+, and not on NT? In the hope that you could mention a workaround, or offer any sort of hint. Since Retrospect, umm, Does Know Why in the case of HFS+.... or just to be clear, Retrospect is behaving correctly and NOT backing up the file again in the case of Mac <-> Mac backup. David
  7. hi Amy, unfortunately, that MS Article says: "When Windows NT automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, the times on files on Windows NT file system (NTFS) partitions and the events in the event logs are retroactively shifted by one hour, even though the files and event records were created before the daylight savings time change. " meaning Win2K as well... the only offered option is to Turn OFF [not on] the automatic daylight savings compensation, which is a bit silly. Since both NT OS's and HFS+ work the same way [store modification dates in GMT and make a conversion "on the fly" to the particular time zone setting], why can Retrospect handle this Mac/HFS+ <-> Mac/HFS+, but not Mac/HFS+ <->PC/NT ? Just to remind you, I run Retrospect on the Mac, and backup PC clients. Incidentally, this is not a problem with Win98, just NT/2K. If you suspect this might be my error, could you check where I could look, in case I haven't already? thanks, David
  8. hi, I have a problem with Mac Retrospect 4.3, and PC clients. At daylight savings, the PC clients require all their files to be re-backed up. This is not a problem with the Macs on the network. Unfortunately, the note in tech support does not cover this problem... only talks about Mac clients at dstime. How can I fix this? I thought to change to the PC version, but on testing it seems that the networking in the $89 pc version isn't as robust as in the mac version... even though I have a switch, multicasting doesn't work, and only the $600 version would let me specify a specific local IP number. thanks, David