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  1. Hi, Over the last few months I have noticed a recurring problem on my Retrospect 7.5 system running under Server 2003. I have several backup sets that backup data to an external HDD connected via 1394 to a Dell server. The smaller sets are of one machine, the server where Retrospect is hosted and another 2003 server. These sets are consistently reliable. I am having problems with two other sets that are populated with the XP and OSX machines on the network, one set for each OS. Both of them have 8 or so computers in the set. I am consistently seeing a problem with Retrospect reporting a waiting for storage media status in the activity monitor and refusing to backup the computers in either set after the sets have run for a month or so. This happens when the other sets are able to backup to the same HD media. Sometimes I can solve this problem by running a Repair Catalog/Recreate from disks, other times I need create a new backup set and start over. I have noticed this behavior when the backup sets contain as little as 5GB of data and as big as 200GB or so. Doe anyone have any thoughts on this?