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  1. I can see the machines I need to back up out of all them only the one keeps giving the Net Retry over and over.. Any suggestions? OS 10.5.4 Intel Imac running Retro 6.2.222-b2
  2. Ok I went and made it forget it, but that didnt seem to fix the problem so I went into th Mac HD- Library-preferences and removed Retro Clients. That seemed to fix everything, it seem it on the network states its responding, but when tryin to config it I get the Net Retry over and over.. Any suggestions?
  3. I am running into this also. I am running all macs 2 on 10.5.2 and 10.5.4. The Main backup server mac is running 6.1.138 w/ OS 10.5.2. and the one Mac that gives me the 525 Error is running 10.5.4 with the 6.1.222 version. I upgraded it to the 6.1.222 version due to the fact it would crash after logging in. or It would stop and hang up then do a net try. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks Bon
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    Error 525 (name/login conflict)

    whoopss this should be on the mac side