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    So yesterday I moved the 4GB file to another location to free up space. Today the file is already over 400MB! There are no errors showing up for the client that I can find. The backups appear to be functioning. I really need to figure out what is making this file so large before it eats up my whole hard drive.
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    Server 2003 Exchange 2007 sp1 Retrospect for Windows Client ver. 7.5.116 I am running VERY low on available space for the C: drive of my Exchange 2007 Server. One file in particular is taking up a ridiculous amount of space. assert_log.utx is currently 4GB in size. 1. What is this file for? 2. What can I do to reduce the size? (Delete it?) 3. Is this indicative of a problem with the Backup client that caused it to grow this large? Thank you!
  3. The services account had been hidden from the GAL. I corrected this and can now view the indvidual mailboxes. I'll confirm tonight that they are being backed up but I this will do the trick. Thank you.
  4. The log just shows the successful completion of the databases. There is no mention of the mailbox backup. When viewing volumes I see "Mailboxes" and it shows a full color icon indicating that it is licensed for backup. However, I cannot see the list of individual mailboxes in this view.
  5. Environment: Server 2003 Exchange 2007 Retrospect Multi-server 7.6.111 For the past week my individual mailboxes are no longer being backed up. I have checked the scripts and the mailboxes are selected as a source. I have removed them from the source list and readded them with no success. I have unlicenses the Exchange server and relicensed it with no success. I have deleted the scripts and recreated them with no success. At this point I am out of ideas. Suggestions? Thanks!
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    Proper way to use Recycle backup

    I will give that a try this weekend and see what happens. Thank you.
  7. I am using Multi-Server version 7.6.111 on Windows Server 2003. Currently I keep a rolling 5 weeks of backups with a normal (full) backup taking place on Sunday and that backup is appended each of the subsequent 6 days. I have backup sets created for each week and each server being backed up. Backups are done to 4 eSATA disks attached to the backup server. I have been manually 'recycling' the backup set for the week about to begin and this is a pain. I tried to create a script that would recycle all of the upcoming backup sets and put it on a 'every 5 weeks' schedule for each one. However, when it launched for the first time it failed because I did not select any source volumes. I really don't know what I am supposed to select as I'm not wanting to actually back anything up with this script. I just want to recycle the backup sets before the new week's scripts begin. I want them erased essentially to make room for the new week. Any guidance is appreciated!
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    Backing up ONLY the System State

    Easy enough! Thank you for the fast response!
  9. I have multi-server 7.5 installed. My current backup regimen includes doing a weekly backup of the entire disk volume and daily backups of data files/folders. I want to start daily backing up the System State. The only way I can find to backup the system state is by backing up the Windows directory or using the OS and Applications selector. However, I don't want the entire Windows directory or all of the applications in order to conserve space. How can I set a script to backup ONLY the System State? Thanks!