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    Incomplete LTO tape usage in R8

    That is bummer news. I'm about to order an LTO-4 library, and I was hoping I would at least be getting similar performance to the hardware compression I was getting with an older LTO-3 library using Retrospect 6. Expecting at least 820-850GB per tape, seeing your list is definitely worrisome, since it looks like you're not even getting 800+ reliably. I'm hoping to hear a response to this as well, since while I understand that I won't get anywhere near "full" compressed capacity without turning on software compression, it would be nice to have some confidence that hardware compression will get me at least 800GB per tape. Best of luck.
  2. gmankono

    Tapes not fully used

    Library dropping off-line aside, are you at least getting the uncompressed capacities from the tapes? Using Retrospect 6, with an LTO-3 tape library, only using hardware compression, I was getting anywhere from 380 to 450GB on the 400/800 tapes being used. Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to get Retrospect 8 to successfully use our old LTO-3 tape library, but now it has died and I need to replace it, so I'm hoping it will work reliably with a new LTO-4 tape library, and at least provide 800GB per tape. Any news on Library connection issues? I'm concerned about upgrading without hearing better news on tape library usage, but I also know that folks won't be posting good news, only when things don't work. ;-) Best of luck.
  3. I'm somewhat surprised to see the postings here from people who have used previous versions of Retrospect, since each successive version since version 4, that I remember, has not been able to use old catalogs. Most versions could read the old catalogs, but never use them, forcing the creation of new catalogs for "current" backups, and with such a fundamental change, I'm not terribly surprised that legacy software can only be used with legacy systems. Granted, I would love it if 8.x could read at least 6.1 catalogs & tapes, but I'll be keeping around a small handful of G4s and G5s for use as machines to use to connect to the old tape library to restore files from the 6.1 backups. Not much different than it would be if we decided to switch to BakBone, Bru, or Atempo, since the old tapes would still only be readable by the old server. Until there's an answer, I'm just looking forward to continued improvements in 8.1 so I can migrate completely, instead of using 6.1 and 8.1 for different backups.
  4. gmankono

    Very Slow Performance under Retro 8

    I'm getting about the same performance as I was before the most recent update (around 400-500MB/min) using a dual 1.25 G4 to back up to an LTO3 tape library (SCSI PCI-Express card), only counting what the console describes as the copy speed, not counting catalog updates at the end of the entire backup, mostly because I have yet to reach the end of an entire backup, since I'm attempting to back up 2-3TB volumes to tape and the last version didn't seem to be able to copy files past the second tape in a set. I like the sound of concurrent backups all getting a "full-speed" of 120MB/min after catalog updates, but it's definitely frustrating to go from a single-task speed of 800-1000MB/min to the possibility of multiple tasks at one-tenth the same speed. I don't quite have 10 clients to back up concurrently, but if the speed ratios hold, I might end up setting up multiple proactive scripts to multiple different media sets to get the same volumes of data backed up in the same time-frames as before, just by making sure they all happen at the same time. Definitely a possibility I hadn't considered before, but I'll have to make a determination once I get through the full backups. Other stories? Anyone tried more than 2 or 3 concurrent tasks?
  5. gmankono

    Exhausted inbuf

    I'm seeing the same message as well, without any additional information on other operations, unfortunately. I had one backup interrupted, but nothing was written to the log detailing what the interruption was, so I'm hoping I'll at least get some details when the current job finishes (provided it's not all interrupted by a power outage - ah, the joys of fall...). I expected that the message: convertUTF16toUTF32: exhausted inbuf meant that the old PowerPC I'm using as the backup server engine machine is just too slow to do the conversion quickly enough to feed the tape library I'm using. Would that log message detail such a case? Thanks.
  6. gmankono

    how to Repair Catalog

    Ok, so now it sounds like I need to track down the support contact info, since this seems like a reproducible bug, just takes multiple days to reproduce. Here's hoping there is a solution for this other than waiting for the next release.
  7. gmankono

    how to Repair Catalog

    I will look into updating the Boot ROM on the UL4S, but as of this morning, I am falling back to the Retrospect 6.1 installation, since a second backup set I attempted to back up over the weekend has now failed, in seemingly the same spot in the process of backing up another 3TB share: as it reached the end of the second tape in the backup set, the Retrospect Engine crashed at the point it should be loading the third member of the 4 I pre-assigned to get the backup started. Without a way to repair or rebuild the catalog files, I cannot continue the backup of either set of data, so I will continue with the old solution until new information is available on how to repair or rebuild backup sets. I will also be looking into faster hardware for use as the backup server, though I will be limited to a dual-processor or dual-core G5 with 6GB RAM as the "new" backup server for the time being. I am following the "tips for PPC optimization" thread, and will plan on all of the improvements I can manage, but at this time, I do not have Intel hardware with a compatible SCSI card on hand. Any other suggestions or information on how to successfully repair backup sets? Or get Retrospect 8.1 to use more than 2 LTO3 tapes in a backup set? Thanks. Gary
  8. gmankono

    PowerPC user tips

    So, by the details here, it sounds like it won't really matter what kind of PPC I put in service as a backup server (I have up to a Quad G5 2.5GHz available), it ultimately won't make a difference in getting back to the transfer rates I have been getting with the Dual G4 1.25 GHz tower I have been using with a SCSI ATTO ExpressPCI UL4S card (around 1025MB/min from machines w gigabit ethernet) to an ADIC Faststor2 tape library. It sounds like the G4 is choked by the fact that it only currently has 2GB of RAM, but if a G5 with 6 or 8GB of RAM won't make the difference, I don't know that I can upgrade until I have a Mac Pro handy. Besides issues with the 8.1.148 engine crashing on the PPC and corrupting catalogs - which I have not been able to repair or rebuild - I have not been able to get faster than 525MB/min transfer rates from file servers to the backup server, using Proactive Backup scripts to write directly to tape. If, in fact, faster PPC machines won't make a difference, I may hold off on the 8.1 upgrade until I can get a Mac Pro tower with a SCSI card and/or drive-based backups, and start using smaller archive tape sets with 6.1 to make larger restores possible if necessary. I applaud the new version and the fundamental changes in 8.1 - it is a great package and it will be an awesome backup package when it is more complete. I'm just bummed I don't have anything more than a Core 2 Duo Mac Mini to put to this job, which, of course, can't work with the SCSI tape library. Thanks for all the info, and thanks in advance if anyone can offer a better assessment of whether or not a faster G5 running 10.5.8 (instead of the 10.4.11 on the G4 currently) would make enough of a difference to merit the switch.
  9. gmankono

    how to Repair Catalog

    How silly of me to leave out the critical pipeline details: ATTO ExpressPCI UL4S: Name: ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL4D Type: scsi-2 Bus: PCI Slot: SLOT-3 Vendor ID: 0x117c Device ID: 0x0030 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x117c Subsystem ID: 0x8014 ROM Revision: 1.5.0 Revision ID: 0x0008 Been in use the past 3 years with consistent, up to 1GB/min backup use with Retrospect 6.1, which led me to believe it would be more than adequate with 8.1, though I admit I have not scoured the compatibility list to verify that both the card and the tape library would work without issue. If this card is the problem I'll be sorely disappointed, and re-evaluating my plan to go with 8.1, since it will mean more hardware upgrades than may be in the budget for this revision. I could relatively easily move this card to a G5 tower instead of the G4, but I'm not sure that would provide any real benefit beyond the processor speed. I haven't heard good things about this model/vendor SCSI cards in Intel machines, but I don't really have an Intel tower available. I have yet to get back to troubleshooting, so if you have any insights, it would be much appreciated before I begin attempting to repair the catalog again.
  10. gmankono

    how to Repair Catalog

    Now, having found the repair & rebuild buttons, how does one go about repairing a catalog file without either the Engine or the Console crashing? Engine: Running under Mac OS 10.4.11 Dual G4 1.25 GHz, 2GB RAM, 52GB avail on 80GB HD. SCSI connection to ADIC FastStor2 LTO3 tape library Was in the middle of a large-ish (3TB) backup, with about 650GB remaining to copy to tape, and the engine crashed, leaving the catalog unfinished, after which every repeated Proactive Backup attempt failed, reporting that the catalog needs to be rebuilt (using the old syntax from 6.1, as the OP pointed out). Attempting to repair the catalog file, on first attempt the engine crashed, so I restarted the engine, paused proactive backups & stopped anything that had already started. Once the server was effectively idle, I attempted to repair the catalog set for the Media Set that was in use, and the Console crashed. Each attempt after the second try has resulted in either the engine or the console crashing, and they each seem to proceed in order (3rd attempt: engine crashed; 4th attempt: console crashed; 5th attempt: engine crashed, you get the pattern). Console running on: 10.5.8 Server Xserve 2 Dual-Core Xeon 6GB RAM Any ideas? Would it help to disable the "allow Fast Catalog rebuilds" or would that just take the full amount of time of re-indexing all tapes in the set (and still possibly crash)? Please feel free to contact me if more information would be useful in troubleshooting. Thanks! Gary
  11. Thank you. I figured the issues saving out of Script Editor had to be something relatively simple. Unfortunately, that still doesn't get me to the utopia where I actually receive notifications. Any insights on what is new & different about the latest versions of Retrospect (since 6.1.138) that the python script would be called any differently that it would only get me the "exited with non-zero status" rather than any mail sending? I've looked through the python script to make sure the correct binary is being called (seems to be in the same place in 10.4.11), but I'm not yet up-to-speed on Python coding, so I can't really check the syntax of the script to see why else it might be exiting without being able to send mail. Thanks for the tip! Gary
  12. I have not been able to get an Event Handler to work - any of them - since updating to Retrospect 6.1.138. Dual G4 running 10.4.11, had previously been using the python notification set, and after the update, the script attempts to run and all I get is that "The script exited with a non-zero status." I was hoping that the most recent update (6.1.230) would either install updated scripts, or handle the event notification process more effectively, but regardless of which script set I try (the Entourage script is useless because Entourage wants to verify each message sent, and I have yet to dig for the place to disable the check) notifications will not send. (The Mail.app script opens an email to send a notification, but the TO field is empty, and Mail is convinced it cannot send the message - also "new" since 6.1.138.) The other very odd behavior I'm seeing regarding the scripts is that if I open any of them (of course, running on the PPC) and use "Save As..." to save the scripts to the /Library/Preferences/Retrospect directory, NONE of the saved-as scripts will run automatically when a triggering event occurs in Retrospect. I imagine this has everything to do with how I am saving the applications (need to be app bundles?), but I found it curious that only scripts that have been copied from the original AppleScript Utilities directory work with Retrospect. Any insights regarding how to get notifications working again would be very much appreciated.