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  1. Hi, I uninstalled the 7.7 client on Linux and then installed back, added the password. But I lost connectivity from the Retrospect Desktop server, it says it can not find the client. If I try to add a new client, the same client appears in grey. If I click add, nothing happens. If I probe by IP, it shows the client. I don't want to delete the client and edit all target backup jobs. Is there a way to re-add the client? Thanks Oliver
  2. oliversl

    E-mail Notification Not Working in 8.1

    Can 8.1 version sent email when authentication is not required? Like when using a local mailserver? Thanks
  3. Try synching the clock, using the properties window of the client http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/18406-script-incomplete-unknown-error/page__view__findpost__p__248170
  4. I solved this by going to the client properties and click on "Sync clock", the time difference was negative and when clicking in the Volumes tab, an error ocurred.
  5. Hi, it is posible to avoid sending emails when Retrospect startup or exit? Examples: Date: 7/5/2010 + Retrospect version 7.7.325 Automatically launched at 7/5/2010 11:00 p.m. in user account PC\user Date: 7/5/2010 Exit at 7/5/2010 02:07 p.m. Thanks Oliver
  6. Editing the backup jobs solved the issue. I edited every schedule for every backup job Thanks Oliver
  7. Hi Robin, thanks for the reply. Oh no, well, will do the hard work. I have like 15 backup jobs, I think I can manage it. BTW, the date used for the incremental backup is taken from the file itself right? I mean, the file will be backed up, right? Will edit the jobs and then report back Regards, Oliver
  8. Hi Robin, it says it will run next in may-2010 I edited one backup job and changed the schedule to run today, so that backup job its ok. But all the others are not running since all are schedulled to run in may Thanks, Oliver
  9. Hi, I have a Windows XP running Retrospect 7.7 for Windows. Some user in that PC changed the windows date to may, so retrospect run a few times and then the Windows date was reversed to the current date. The problem is that all backups jobs does not run, because Retrospect think we are in the past. How can I solve this problem? - Editing the schedule of every backup job? - Forgoting snapshots of every backup set? Many thanks Oliver
  10. oliversl

    Why is the data backed up again?

    Viewing the evidence, I asume is a bug in the client. Is there a way to report it to EMC o Iomega? Oliver
  11. oliversl

    Why is the data backed up again?

    I think the problem is in the client. I just had to move a Retrospect installation in another client, Windows XP backing up in an external USB HD. I backup up the same data via SMB and local and it worked as expected. Will test backup up a client with the unchanged data on that client to confirm it. What I mean is: - the same data backed up using another client, de-duplication does not work - the same data backup up using SMB or local, de-duplication does work. HTH Oliver
  12. Thanks for the comments, I'm just disappointed. I was thinking that backing up the same file, to the same backup set but from different sources will trigger the de-duplication feature as spected. Is there any solution? Or should I buy a new big backup media to solve the issue?
  13. oliversl

    Why is the data backed up again?

    Well, this is just too bad Personally my first disappointment with retrospect so far, too good to be true I guess
  14. oliversl

    Why is the data backed up again?

    What do you mean by meta data? The meta data in NTFS? Should Retrospect compare the entire file, like doing md5 or something? Thanks Oliver
  15. Hi, I have 140GB of data on Win2k3 on local disk D: I backup to a NAS storage. Later, Installed Win2k8, copied all data to the other server. Installed retrospect client on Win2k8, modified the backup job in Win2k3 and just added the win2k8 client as another source for the backup job. The backup job is the same in the win2k3 server, just added the new source. I was thinking that Retrospect will look a the file in the win2k8 client, compare with the file that is already in the backup set and do not copy the file again since it is the same file. So, here is my problem, how does de-duplication exactly work? Should Retrospect compare the file in the backup set with the file in the source? And then come to the conclusion that is the same file? Any help is welcome Regards, Oliver