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    Cannot Recreate Catalog File

    I'm getting a similar error and am having challenges rebuilding as well. + Executing Groom B - 10 AM at 6/23/2010 3:22 PM (Execution unit 2) Grooming Backup Set Backup Set B... Grooming Backup Set Backup Set B failed, error -2241 ( Catalog File invalid/damaged) You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File. See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files. Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set Backup Set B, error -1 ( unknown) 6/23/2010 3:37:30 PM: 2 execution errors Duration: 00:14:52 (00:01:59 idle/loading/preparing)
  2. hi, i finally found a cloud storage provider that has pricing that is palatable to me and need to now find a way to get my backup data offsite for DR purposes. I currently backup my SOHO environment using RS to a local NAS device. i would like to then do a backup set clone job, and send the catalogue files and data files offsite to the cloud (encrypted at highest levels offered [256 AES] by RS first). Has anyone else done this yet, or is this even possible to accomplish from inside RS/ TIA
  3. drick

    Retrospect 8 for Windows

    +1 wishing for the windows update!
  4. drick

    RS 7.5 grooming question

    so then the only way to do this is to backup everything into a single set? if so, what is the limit as to how big a set can be, and is there anything else i should consider before doing this? also, how can i merge the 3 disparate sets into a single set?
  5. that is what i was hoping you would say. now i just need to go find an extra TB or 2 of storage sitting around, build a VM and get this running! THANKS!
  6. drick

    RS 7.5 grooming question

    thanks, that is what i thought. is there any way for RS to know about duplicate files across backup sets and groom them out then?
  7. just curious much data are you moving between systems? this is exactly what i want to do, but i have over 1TB of data to move.
  8. hi, i have a question about grooming i was hoping someone might be able to clarify for me. i just recreated my RS environment after upgrading to Win2K8R2 & Windows 7. as such, i had to re-create the catalog from my backup sets, which i did successfully. I'm now adding the clients and volumes back into the backup sets, and starting backup operations again. my questions are as follows: q1 - does a groom script span across backup sets, or is it backup set specific? I'm guessing that it may not in my environment as i have 3 separate groom jobs, one for each backup set. - example if backed up file 1 to backup set a, and now backup file 1 again to backup set b, will RS know about it in the other set, and groom it out? q2 - if the answer is no to q1, should i change my groom scripts to put all 3 backup sets into a single groom script, and would that accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish? a quick review of the users guide and a quick search of the forum didn't yield any hits or clarity about this. thnx in advance for any/all assistance. D
  9. hi, i'm still trying to configure RS 7.6.123/ sp to work correctly in a B2D environment. I have 3 proactive backup jobs that are running: 1. backup set a/clients given 250gb b2d space 2. backup set b/file server given 1000gb b2d space 3. backup set c/NAS given 750gb b2d space each of these backup sets is set to groom via normal rs policy. each of the backup sets is set to match source to catalog file. each of the backup sets is set to not add duplicate files to the backup set. software compression is turned on. sooo, here is my problem. my data sets are as follows: 1. under 100GB 2. under 420GB 3. under 700gb i can run RS for about 2-3 days, and then i run out of media space. i've tried changing the grooming settings several times, but can't seem to find the right combination of settings that work. after reading the users guide, i realized i didn't have a groom script running, so i'm not sure if that is the problem, but i've added that to run now every other day. any other suggestions on how i can make this work without having to go buy another 2TB of disk?
  10. hi, i'm finally getting serious about using the Retrospect (RS) SW and wanted to post my configuration so people could review and make recommendations. here goes: clients - 4 laptops being backed up (3 vista x32 / 1 xp x32) 1 desktop - vista x64 1 server 2k8 x32 (not really a client, but this is also my file server, so i'm backing up that volume) target - NAS device that houses RS backup data only nothing else all clients are v 7.6.107 server is v 7.6.123 with sp i have a client container that has all the laptops and desktop in it i have the NAS device mapped to the RS server as a local share this has 2 backup sets located on it - a for the laptops&desktop 200GB allocated - b for the file server 500GB allocated the catalog files are located in a directory on the file server, not on the NAS device the catalog files are set be compressed the catalog files are set to groom per RS policy i have 2 policies enabled proactive for the laptops/desktops - all files selected - backup every day - thorough verification on - software data compression on - byte by byte comparison on - not backing up windows state - backing up open files - not backing up sparse files - scheduled to run all the time script for the file server - all files except cached files selected - backup every day - thorough verification on - software data compression on - byte by byte comparison on - not backing up windows state - backing up open files - not backing up sparse files - scheduled from 11Pm to 7AM daily total data size is around 500GB, and the NAS device has 700GB avail i'm using link encryption and AES256 encryption on the backup data. not sure what else to add, but let me know if i missed anything else. thanks in advance for any/all suggestions.
  11. sorry, i'm just getting up to speed on all this so bear with me. i currently have 2 laptops and 2 desktops being backed up using proactive backup. i was asking if i could add this job into the same set as the other systems, but i was unable to find a way to do so.
  12. ok, that looks like it works as well. is there any way to set that via proactive backup? i couldn't find a way. thanks for the advice
  13. disregard, i found the following kbase that explains how to install and that fixed it for me. http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=8353&r=0.9273645
  14. my environment is a SOHO, and my file server is also being used as my retrospect server. i'm backing up the data to a NAS device (separate machine), so i have protection and separation of the data. example - RS server hostname RS NAS device hostname NAS can i install the RS client SW and back up a directory on the RS machine to the NAS target like i would any other machine? if not, is there another way to accomplish this?