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  1. Same also happens after a reboot - keeps failing at the same number of files - 13413 (~80GB/~30minutes) Does this mean im screwed unless I put more memory in? Will 4GB then fail @ 160GB? This doesnt seem right.
  2. Hi, I have tried to recatalog following the guide you linked to but it fails: Executing Recatalog at 16/06/2008 8:41 (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set Disk2Disk Not enough applicaion memory 18/06/2008 09:09:08 Execution incomplete Completed: 134143 files, 81.9GB Performance: 3171.9MB/minute Duration: 00:27:41 (00:01:29 idle/loading/preparing) I closed retrospect and reopened it and ran the recatalog again - same problem. The machine has the following spec: 2x Xeon 3.2GHz 2GB RAM ~330GB RAID-5 HD space Backup set is ~300GB big on drive D: with ~20GB free C: 10GB big with ~ 4GB free (catalogs are stored here) Before I started the catalog size was 1.7GB (I chose to stop compressing the catalog as I read it can cause corruption - had this problem with grooming in the past but it seems this has not fixed it) Surely I dont need more than 2GB ram just to recatalog? Im sure ive recatloged in the past without this error.
  3. Hi, I have Retrospect 7.0.326 (Single Server) running on Server 2003. Every night Server 1 (running retrospect) backs up Server 2's data using a UNC path as the source. This has been running fine for some time with grooming set to remove anything older than 5days. Out of the blue I started getting 'Please wait' while the grooming script ran. This held up the actual backup overnight until I canceled the grooming in the morning. Retrospect then tried to do the backup but gives 'Waiting for Disk2Disk' (disk2disk is the backup set name) when the backup starts. This is currently not backing up students work at school and I also cannot restore data - when I try to access the backup set through restore it says 'Couldn't open Catalog File Disk2Disk, error -2259 (incomplete grooming detected)' How can I sort this out?