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  1. Hello, You're right, this is a selector problem. I'll try some different combinations to retrieve primely usage.
  2. Hello, Since I've update Mac OS X clients to 6.3.029, my Retrospect Multi Server 7.7 (last release) on 2008 serveur 64 bits don't backup any data from Macintoshs. The connection is good, he found the files, but nothing is copied. In the "Operations Log", I can see that there is a very small snapshot (less than 400 Kb while there is more than 150 Gb) and "No files need to be copied" followed by "Execution completed successfully". Would you mind to help me with that problem ? Thanks a lot for reading this in a very approximative english.
  3. karefil

    Instant Crashes - Having a Nightmare

    Hello, Having this problem on a customer server, we finaly check TOC (NTFS) of the backup destination disk. Once repaired, all errors gone and no more crashes while backup ) Hope this help
  4. Hello, any news for this fix tom make IUR working under 7.6 release ? Update... : Sorry.... this is already fixed... We have to uninstall the UIR using prefs panel before reinstall it using Retrospect prefs
  5. karefil

    Can't see SQL Instances

    Hello, Do you think there is a solution for my customer to use your Product ? I use Retrospect since fall 1988 for my Macintosh Omnis Backups. I use it and I sell it since 1999. It's the first time I have to use your support, and you forget to answer ? I'm very disapointed... :o/ Please, help me making this customer a Dantz/EMC² one for other servers. Thanks for your help. Regards Philippe Habigand
  6. karefil

    Can't see SQL Instances

    Hello, I've just try with the Manual method (RBU user wich is Domain Admin, Domain User , Backup Operator and Administraor of both servers. The same thing is happen. I've reboot the 7.5.516 version server. I've uninstall / reboot / install the 7.5.116 Agent / reboot. Always the same problem. I can see every disk, but no SQL instance ( My customer Make me buy "Handy Backup" wich work just fine for this case for less than 10 % of the price for Retrospect and SQL Agent... Please help me to show him thet Retrospect is the good choice !!!! Regards. Philippe Habigand.
  7. karefil

    Can't see SQL Instances

    I've setup as domain admnstrator. This permit me to backup other databases on other servers in the same domain. This permit me to backup everything I need in other customers configurations. I can't understand why I can't see any of the databases instances on this servr ( I have done another test : - 7.5.111 client with certificate - 7.5.111 client withouth certificate - 7.5.116 client with certificate - 7.5.116 client withouth certificate No more result ( I've check again your requierements for SQL bacup to work : all match afaik Thanks again for your help Regards Philippe Habigand
  8. karefil

    Can't see SQL Instances

    Using Entreprise Manager, I use domain admin one. In retrospect, I can't choose one, none of the SQL instances are seen on this server.
  9. karefil

    Can't see SQL Instances

    Hello, Thanks for your help. I have uninstalled 7.5.387 FR and then intalled 7.5.516 UK. I have also uninstall 7.5.116 agent and install it again on the server with several SqL instances. There is no more database to backup I can see in the volume tab. If you have another way to make it works, I take it ) regards.
  10. karefil

    Can't see SQL Instances

    Hello, On a fresh Retrospect MultiServer 7.5.387 install, I have 4 SQL Agent licences free for use. I can see in volume list some of the servers having only one SQL 2000 or 2005 databases, but on a 2003 server (32 bits) using 6 // SQL Server 8.00.2039 (SP4) versions instances, I can't see anything... Of course, production Databases I have to backup are 4 of them... Sorry for my english level.... I hope someone could help me. regards Philippe Habigand