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    "Normal" backup backs up too much

    Welcome to the fun and unpredictable world of Retrospect's incremental logic. But it is a major PIA due to the time to do that first backup (all files), and more importantly, it starts appending to your existing backup set, essentially doubling the media requirements. I've had this happen twice, with each version update. For some reason, Retrospect seems to not recognize the previous snapshots and which files have not changed. Never got a good explanation, but if it happens once every couple of years, I guess it's tolerable. Bob.
  2. What the heck is this error that shows up in the log for backups? Every time. And where is the procedure for the update ("Patch") that I've seen others post about here? 7.7, two "lucky numbers," have been anything but with respect to Retrospect. :angry2:
  3. rxlaw

    Red box with numbers?

    Hi Bill, I'd suggest you start another thread with this, or find one that's focused on the DR disc. I created mine, but have not tested it. I could never get DR to work on my old PC with 7.6; although the system appeared to be rebuilt from the restore procedure, logging into Windows produced an immediate shutdown. I finally had to reinstall Win XP from scratch and reinstall all programs, only trusting Retrospect 7.6 to recover data files. Given other anomalies with 7.7, it's probably a good idea to do a DR "drill" to test whether the system can truly be restored with Retrospect. And that means testing all user accounts on the restored box. Bob.
  4. Awoke to Retrospect 7.7 claiming my copy isn't licensed. Had to go through customer support to get a working license code (the one from the purchase date failed and the website claimed it was already used). So I got the license taken care of, and guess what? Retrospect's history thinks I haven't backed up since 12/13. Because Retrospect has gone into this brain dead mode, any backups to existing sets (obviously, they have data written since 12/13) will get ignored and Retrospect will try to do a complete backup from scratch. This will exceed my target drive's capacity and will result in me spending the next two days copying backup sets manually to alternative media, and essentially having to endure a 24 hour full backup cycle. This is unacceptable. Shouldn't backup software be the LAST thing that shats itself with something as common as a power failure? This NEVER happened in 3 years with previous versions. Not a happy camper.
  5. rxlaw

    A Power Failure Corrupts Retrospect???

    Understood, but the power failure occurred hours away from any active backup processes. My UPS does signal the system for a clean shutdown, and having witnessed the process it's essentially like a user shutting down from the desktop. There is no rational reason that this should corrupt IDLING critical backup software to the point it's inoperable upon restoration of power.
  6. rxlaw

    A Power Failure Corrupts Retrospect???

    Yes, all is well now. But static licensing data should NOT be in a "config.dat" file that is constantly open and written to by Retrospect, especially because lack of the licensing information completely cripples subsequent critical backups. EMC/Iomega: Ever heard of registry entries? Or separate files for scripts and configuration data? :devil:
  7. rxlaw

    A Power Failure Corrupts Retrospect???

    Just an update. The backup script was that from December, which didn't contain the volume selections I had been backing up till this corruption. Fortunately, adding additional volumes and system state settings to the script did not cause the subsequent backup (after recovery of the license) to ignore existing snapshots in the backup set. (When upgrading from 7.6 to 7.7, 7.7 seemed to ignore already backed up files from 7.6, resulting in three days work to re-create a new backup set while retaining the 7.6 snapshots.) So while the issue is not as serious as my first post on this topic indicates, the question remains: why is 7.7 subject to this corruption when previous versions never exhibited this problem?
  8. rxlaw

    Red box with numbers?

    It means replies or posts that you haven't seen yet.
  9. rxlaw

    "Cannot connect to Retrospect"

    Additional fun fact. The last backup Retrospect ran was on 1/1. Since then, nada. Edit: Rebooting resolved the problem. However, there is no indication in System or Application logs as to why Retrospect just died on 1/1 (machine was unattended till 1/3). Gee, it's good I don't rely on this software to protect my data. smirk on>
  10. Oh lovely. Now, when attempting to start Retrospect from the desktop icon or start menu, I get a dialog from the Retrospect monitor that says "Cannot connect to Retrospect." Strangely, directly invoking retrospect.exe from the Program Files folder does the same thing. These problems are really starting to get irksome, as Retrospect was pretty darn stable till this version. :angryred:
  11. rxlaw

    Need *.inf driver file for my network card

    There are a lot of files in those directories that are locked and would not copy cleanly to the DVD. As long as you copy the system32 files (the ones that aren't locked) to a temporary directory location and just use it to pull drivers, you'd be safe. Trying to directly plunk that into a (what will be live) destination \WINDOWS directory doesn't sound like a good idea.
  12. Robin, Thank you. Unfortunately, Retrospect did not offer to update itself. I found the update patch file on the website and manually applied it. The error doesn't appear in the logs anymore. Can you tell us if that memory problem caused any untoward effects on the integrity of the backups? Bob.
  13. rxlaw

    7.7 Using 7.6 Backup Set

    Gee, this is special. Ran my first backup with 7.7, using the same script and backup set that I've been using since 7.6. For some reason, it's looking like Retrospect thinks this is the FIRST backup, and it's doing a full backup against all my 175GB. Totally ignoring files that have ALREADY been backed up in the set. Needless to say, backing up to a firewire drive, this is taking 12 hours. EMC/Danz/Iomega needs to make it very clear that previous versions' backup sets will NOT be respected, and provide a workaround to this untenable situation. I seem to recall this happening in 7.5 to 7.6 upgrades, and it looks like I'll lose all my previous sessions and snapshots (once the currently running backup runs out of room on the target drive), or I'll be lucky and just have Restrospect vomit and ask for another backup destination. I guess I have to get a whole new drive to start again in order to preserve my 7.6 sets. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  14. rxlaw

    7.7 Using 7.6 Backup Set

    Thanks, Robin. But it would sure be nice if this was documented. I have spent two days untangling my backup media as a result of this. Essentially, it orphans the existing backup set on the media.
  15. rxlaw

    Windows 7 client support

    So we are now "at the time of release" of Windows 7. When can we expect an announcement (at least) from EMC? Thanks!
  16. rxlaw

    Windows 7 bare metal restore

    Sorry to be a nudge about this, but when can we expect the "Windows 7 update[d]" version of Retrospect? Will 7.6.xxx work without limitations on 64-bit Win 7? Thanks!
  17. rxlaw

    Grooming and System Restore

    Here's another issue I'm having. After REBUILDING my system from scratch because Retrospect could not restore it, I set up my backups to run into the same (old) backup sets that existed on my two external drives (each is separately updated via its own backup script each night). The data drive D: has about 300GB on it, most of which has not changed since the system crash. However, now Retrospect is attempting to back up everything on that drive (and the "new" C: drive), resulting in backup sessions that fail because the external drives can't take another full backup. In other words, the incremental backup seems unable to reconcile that is has current snapshots of D: from before. My only option is to delete the entire backup, which means my ability to retrieve data files going back to 2006 is lost. Oh, I've groomed the backup sets multiple time, including "forgetting" several snapshots in the hope this would free enough space on the external drives. Suggestions? Thanks, Bob.
  18. rxlaw

    How do I restore my software on drive C?

    Which begs the question, why do you need the temporary version of Windows to be at the same service level as what you're restoring?
  19. rxlaw

    Failure of Restore

    I had a hardware issue which required my starting with a brand new C: partition. "No problem," thought I, "Retrospect will save the day." I run two backup scripts each night, each script writes a full backup on one of two external hard drives. I installed a temporary XP OS, installed Retrospect (and its updates), and selected the 6/8/08 catalog from one of these hard drives to recover. I selected the "Replace all contents of the Volume" option for C: and things seemed to be going OK. However, when WinXP came up after the restore, the system state was in a horrible mess. Programs that had been installed are not working, the Windows Installer is corrupted, and my anti-virus program is one that was uninstalled months ago. Note that I use C: as a system drive, so only the OS and program files are stored on it; data files (fortunately) are on another drive. Needless to say, I'm rather unhappy that Retrospect has failed me in this way. It seems it is very weak for bare metal restores, but I love it for pulling old files (and it works great for that)... So, other than reinstalling my OS and all applications from scratch, does anyone have any ideas as to what would cause this type of failure? Thanks, Bob.
  20. rxlaw

    Grooming and System Restore

    Better test that, bro. I can't get a valid bare metal restore out of Retrospect to save my life!
  21. rxlaw

    Failure of Restore

    OK, spending more time with this, I can definitively say that: * Restoring "System State" causes the system, upon reboot, to immediately log off any user (described on the web as "logon/logoff loop"). No resolution, other than repair XP. But, repairing the installation of XP results in the system thinking that it's installed on drive H: rather than C:. Using several Registry tools to fix this, upon reboot the system works, but is impaired - no system updates, several programs erroring out on loading. Restoring System State (or the complete C: volume) from Retrospect results in the first issue repeating. Sigh. I now have to do a complete reinstallation of Windows XP and all my programs. But I can NO LONGER TRUST RETROSPECT to bail me out of a catastrophic system failure. Retrospect remains awesome for backing up files and restoring files to their condition as of snapshot dates. But for me, it's useless and dangerous to attempt to Restore System State. I would love for EMC to help me identify what is causing the restore system state to fail so dramatically. Bob.
  22. rxlaw

    Failure of Restore

    Hi Robin, No error messages. I spent the entire day playing with the DR install and using that to restore the regular OS environment. With great hope, I was able to restore the most recent snapshot. Now, things are weirder - when logging into the restored XP, as soon as the login process starts (see my customized desktop), XP immediately logs me off. Same with Administrator or any other user ID I've defined. Same in safe mode. This really stinks. I'm off to do research on what can cause XP to log users off immediately upon login... Bob.