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    Filter / Exclude Files Globally

    Nevermind. I just found it. Selectors.
  2. I backup a number of desktop and laptop machines. I want to apply the same set of exclusions / filters / file selections to all, but also be able to customize each. How can I do that? HAJ
  3. jacobson

    Out of Disk Space

    Thanks for the tips. Very helpful. HAJ
  4. jacobson

    Out of Disk Space

    Thank you. I read this, but am not sure that it answers the question I had about how Retrospect measures available disk space. I started with a drive that had 279GB of free space. Now, I'm down to zero. Grooming seems only to open enough space to complete a particular script. I'm not sure how I can make the 5GB to 10GB available that the KB article suggests. Thanks.
  5. I backup up about 20 client workstations to a Retrospect Server (v. 7.5.508 hot fix 14.102). I recently have begun getting out-of-disk-space warnings from Windows Server 2003 on a 279GB hard drive that I use to store the Backup Set. I am uncertain how Grooming works vis-a-vis disk space availability. Does Retrospect Grooming ensure that a certain minimum amount of disk space is always available? Is it possible that Grooming would not free up enough space for a backup to complete? Thanks.
  6. I recently added my first Vista workstation to my network. I am trying to add a user's Documents and Settings directory as a Subvolume. Retrospect sees the client and the drive and also the top level directories on the drive (e.g., Documents and Settings), but it does not display any of the subdirectories. Is this a Vista issue or am I doing something else incorrectly? I am running Retrospect Server 7.5.508 with hotfix 14.102 on Windows Server 2003. Thanks.
  7. jacobson

    Re: SQLVDI Error

    I am getting the same error running the latest Retrospect release and SQLServer 2005 on separate machines. I get email error messages that Retrospect is having "Trouble reading files" with error -1004 (which I'm told is a SQL error). I am not sure how to tell if the backup is actually occurring and the error message is false as apparently reported in this thread. Thanks.